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  1. My dad and his dad were best friends. We all sat down for dinner one night. I asked him to sign my hat but he would not. Said he was not a real NFL player but when he had an opportunity he had to take it.
  2. True. And the sharps must have a reason for liking the Bills. La'el being hurt? Bills getting healthy? I think the Bills win this game 8 out of 10 times on a neutral site. But I am a fan.
  3. Well. Shaq Lawson has been playing well.
  4. I liked NWA in 1988. Does that make me ineligible? Well, that and the fact that I am not a pro football player. Love the screen name tho.
  5. Native American here... I personally do not find Chiefs offensive likd I do Redskins or that Indians Logo. Nor do I find the Braves or the Aztecs. That little Irish dude from Notre Dame.....Pretty offensive.
  6. Last year's gut check was Tampa. And while they responded; they lost. I am thinking they have learned that they can win close games. And confidence is built on repeated success.
  7. I thought I saw JA face mask being pulled by a bill at the beginning of the pile up and JA reacted to that.
  8. We left a ton of plays on the field and Miami really did not.
  9. His dad and my dad were friends for many years. Todd also skied for team USA.
  10. I like wherd I go wrong but not as high as 10th.
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