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  1. 17 Josh Allen

    Allen is a budding superstar

    post of the day about Allen. So very true both of these guys were kicked to the curb. no one wanted either one of these guys on their team in college football. They both were Initially shuned. Baker had to walk on to get his job. Allen played JR. College ball. These guys know what it’s like for people not to believe in them. They are both special players and good men. Both true leaders in every respect. Thank god we got Josh Allen on our team.
  2. 17 Josh Allen

    patriots demise is greatly Exaggerated

    Hoping Mack and the Monsters of the Midway batter them so bad that they come limping into New Era Stadium.
  3. 17 Josh Allen

    Calling it right now Bills will win next 2 games

    Rogers might not finish the game against the the Bills.
  4. 17 Josh Allen

    patriots demise is greatly Exaggerated

    I agree but with those 2 Receivers in the game. They will be scoring 30 points a game. So watch out
  5. In the next few weeks they will get Julian Edelman back and Josh gordon in the line up. I’m loving this Lions beat down but i’m Cautious
  6. Just saw this post from another thread. I calling it now. We will beat the Packers and then come home and beat the Titans. Will be 3-2 after 5 weeks. Mark it down. Those are big pieces for the Packers to be missing. Hughes or Murphy might have a field day chasing down a hobbled Rodgers without Bulaga. Their line is beat up. Missing Muhammad Wilkerson puts a big hole in Pettine’s D-line. Ivory might have a big day running inside.   Finally looking forward to a Sunday this year! 
  7. 17 Josh Allen

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    Those Mahomes posters who hated on me and Jeffsmagic are in hiding. I’m going to go back and get your names and expose all of you.
  8. 17 Josh Allen

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    Then there is this, Weep you Mahome haters, yes there was a lot of morons on TBD that posted and said he will be the ultimate bust and never amount to anything. Mahomes could have sat behind Tryod for the year like he did in KC and learned to be a QB just like he did in KC. Now he would be in his 2nd year with the Bills. You guys need to own up to your thread posts. You were wrong. This guy will be winning Super bowls with KC. I called it and I told you this would happen in those threads. My screen name was billsareback in those threads. Me and jeffsmagic called it. we knew then and you tried to run us out of town. You called us every name in the book. You belittled Us. We know who you cowards are, It’s time to own up.
  9. 17 Josh Allen

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    could not have said it better my self. Those Mahomes haters are now in a state of denial and are in hiding. There all cowards you guys talked all that smack last year, saying mahomes would amount to nothing to more then a back up and that he would be a bust. Your wrong, now stand up and take your medicine.
  10. 17 Josh Allen

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    your kidding me, right !
  11. 17 Josh Allen

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    some interesting articles about Mahomes you can not denie his greatness https://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/vahe-gregorian/article218517375.html https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/09/16/chiefs-patrick-mahomes-throws-six-touchdown-steelers-sets-nfl-record
  12. 17 Josh Allen

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    Totally agree with that statement and said it my self back when the 2017 draft was going on. I was ridiculed to no end and most said he was no better then a 3rd round draft pick. So many of you were wrong about Mahomes. Now your either ducking this thread or hiding. I need to go back and pull names out of those threads and expose you all
  13. 17 Josh Allen

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    not peep from you guys who talked all that crap when the Bills did not draft him. Me which was billsareback, now I’m 17 Josh allen and Jeffsmagic tried to tell you. We argued with you guys for hours on those threads. Now all we hear is crickets.