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  1. Im not going to take the bait. I am smarter then that. I’m just calling it like I see it Mahomes is on pace to break the single season TD record. Enjoy the rest of your day fellow Bills fans.
  2. I’ve been a member on this board for over 20 years but you have thousands of more posts then me. So who is doing the spamming. ?
  3. Vitriol no matter how many excuses you make is still vitriol. You just proved my point. So you admit to mocking. So that’s Vitriol why was there no warning then.
  4. The Bills in my opinion would be 4-2 in Mahomes was their QB this year.
  5. I ask this respectfully. Where were you when the constant Vitriol was directed at me and jeffsmagic and others on why Mahomes should have been drafted by the Bills. It got so bad Jeffsmagic quit the stadium wall. I never saw any warnings from you about that. It was ok for us to get verbally abused on this forum and people cheered it on. I’m a big boy I can take it. Now the shoe is on the other foot and we see Mahomes is the next farve. So now that this is happening some of us are calling the Bills out for it. I want to hear from you on this subject and did you agree with the Bills trading with the chiefs. I guess what I’m saying is, why was it ok 18 months ago to give Mahomes lovers Vitriol in these forums and nothing was done about it. Now we stand up for Mahomes and call the Bills out and the people who gave us Vitriol and now we’re the bad guys. How about be fair about this. I agree we need to keep it civil and respectful. But some of us are not happy with the way were were treated. This post is respectfully submitted.
  6. Taking bets he will break the all time single season record. Great Job Buffalo Bills.
  7. I Think he lives in Dallas. So I think he might be the Next Cowboys coach. Now that’s a strong possibility but no he’s not living in Buffalo. His whole life is in Dallas.
  8. You are wrong sir. This moment was a water shed moment for this Bills franchise. The Bills had the 10th pick in the 2017 draft. They needed a QB like forever and neeed one bad. Most people in football knew that. We had are shot at 2 of them Mahomes and Watson. We decided to pass and to make matters worse we traded our pick to KC who then proceeded to take Mahomes. Right after the trade The Chiefs Andy Reid and the Chiefs GM were quoted as saying you do not pass on a generational talent like this, they said he was the closest thing to Farve since Farve was in the league. Now I know some on here were loving the trade because the Bills got CB T. White and he turned out great and we used the extra KC pick to help get Edmonds 2018. But I would gladly give up all my picks from this draft class 2018 and last draft class 2017 to have Mahomes right now. In that huge Mahomes thread that got merged because their was 6 threads about mahomes at the time. By the way, a few of them I started. I posted that the Bills should trade all their 2017 draft picks and move up to number 1 to take Mahomes. You would have thought I commited the worst sin known to man for suggesting that. Their were many posters before me and Jeffsmagic that were on the Mahomes train. I had stated in those threads you could have a draft with a Andre Reed, Bruce Smith and 6 other all pros but what good would it do you if you had Tyod as your QB. I have no idea why people get so excited when we draft a CB or linebacker in the 1st round ever year. All that matters is the QB. I see a lot of good in Josh Allen. He has the most upside and needs time to develop. I have no idea why the Bills do not go out and get the best Qb coach and Offensive coordinator money can buy. There is no salary cap on coaching why take has beens and put him in charge of your possible 100 million franchise QB. This passing on Mahomes is almost as bad as when the Bills traded up into the 3rd round to draft WR T.J.Graham and passed on Russell Wilson only to have Seattle take Wilson right after the Bills selection in that draft. Not as magnified because that was in the 3rd round. But probably just as bad. Both times the Bills missed out on franchise QB’s, there was a trade involved. Of course the Bills were on the wrong end of it. So if your tired of reading this thread then just don’t open it up any more and go about your business. But this will be discussed one way or another until there is no more Buffalo Bills so get used to it.
  9. Ding Ding Ding we have a winner. It’s just like those Hillary Clinton fans, they can not accept they lost to Trump. The never Mahomers are in hiding and are having a hard time with this. People who knew and predicted Mahomes was the next favre are enjoying the ride.
  10. Brady is a piece of sh$t I hope this happens next week maybe we can honor Nate Clemonts at half time too. Screw you Brady talk is cheap mafia is going to get you.
  11. If Mahomes was on the Bills we would be 4-2 in my opinion
  12. it might take the Bills 3 years to get as many TD passes as mahomes has right now for this season. The way he’s going he will break every single season passing record in his first full season.
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