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Saturday Night Football: Colts vs Pats thread

Big Blitz

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2 minutes ago, streetkings01 said:

Is Olsen gonna be one of those guys that spends the whole game trying to Will the Pats into a comeback? They’re getting dominated on both sides of the ball and all he’s talking about is how the Pats are gonna adjust blah blah blah……how about talking more about how the Colts whipped the Pats in this 1st half?

They get paid to make you not change the channel. If he says well this one is over. He's not doing his job 🤣

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1 minute ago, Meatloaf63 said:

I don’t think there is a scenario that has us ahead of the colts unless we win the division. If we aren’t good enough to win out they will end up tied with  us or better. With our afc record and losing head to head they will win the  tie breakers. Our safest route to playoffs is winning the division. 

I just pray that 2nd half of the Bucs carries over for us from here out. If not we are done which sucks A$$

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3 minutes ago, JaCrispy said:

I wanted him over McDermott 


We'd be on a completely different trajectory.   It's an offensive league and most successful teams have a head coach on that side.  We have a defensive guy that built a team of wimps on the front 7.  


He's a secondary coach at this point.

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