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  1. Not true a loss to an nfc team is no where as bad as a loss to an afc team let alone a divisional opponent. Basically if your going to lose a game it's best to be against the NFC teams.
  2. No the don't the independent neurologist determined he was not concussed, absolutely wouldn't clear him to come back in with a concussion, 2nd concussion syndrome is real. Do some research on jt
  3. Browns blowing a game late , I remember 2013 Jason Campbell lead browns lead New England 26-14 with 2 minutes left, Brady hit amendola for a TD, the patriots recovered their first onside kick since 1994 when belivhick was Cleveland's coach. And Brady lead them down for another TD maybe Edelman or possibly amendola, and the browns missed a long FG as time expired.
  4. NFL + allows you to watch whatever games are being shown in your market. And nothing better than getting it free, I've had NFL game pass and now + free for years, they never bill me and its always avalible for.my use
  5. Well if this is his last season he has the potential to finish as high as 298-85 (77.8) of course that won't happen but he will likely finish with over 290 wins and less than 100 loses in games he played. So he can do and say as he wished. Best ever , not debatable
  6. Lawrence Taylor, Joe Montana, Brett farve, Terrell Davis , all won league MVP and team won SB Warner is the last MVP to win SB, since Warner all mvps have either lost in postseason or not made it
  7. Bills win the division easily, dolphins are playing good, but the bills all around are better Win and cover whatever the number is next week, They will join the 89 49ers and the 16 pats as the best teams ATS in NFL history
  8. No he wasn't lol, he took over a patriots team 15+ million over the cap with only 35 guys signed to the active roster. And the early years i.e the first 3 super bowls where because the Patriots had some of the best defensive units the league has seen.
  9. Bills win this game by 3+ scores, what a performance last night! 21 point win with 4 turnovers.
  10. I can't wait for the season, first full season of legal online betting
  11. The calls during the 06-07 sabers incredible season are enough, probably one of the best NHL teams to not make the cup. How they lost to the thrashers to end the streak is beyond me.
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