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  1. I can't wait for the season, first full season of legal online betting
  2. The calls during the 06-07 sabers incredible season are enough, probably one of the best NHL teams to not make the cup. How they lost to the thrashers to end the streak is beyond me.
  3. The beauty of the extra game, we be nice if every team played one game at a neutral site
  4. Bingo, can't stay healthy. That's a fact
  5. Until the season starts and injuries happen, and the ball bounces funny ways
  6. Always looks better on paper, KC will be fine and win that division again
  7. At least V.N was able to leave arrowhead with a dub in the playoffs
  8. Gotta give credit to the Rams defense, they played there hearts out after that first snap of the 2nd half
  9. 2001 season 2nd year QB beats rams.in super bowl 2021 season 2nd year QB ..... Rams in SB
  10. Someone I know is big Rams fan but they want the Bengals to win for the simple fact back after the first Ravens game he put $$ on the Bengals to win super bowl at 40-1 , so a Bengals win will bring him over a g
  11. Can't beat 30k tickets to sit behind the Bengals bench
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