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  1. They need to have buffalo play in KC for the Thursday opener
  2. Got to watch the 2 best teams in the league play , was a great game. But if you let kc hang around the end result will not be what you want
  3. 2014 to 2020 they won 3 super bowls They didn't cheat
  4. Yet couldn't beat a Brady led team in 2 of the biggest games of his young career. 2001 2003 2004 2006 2007 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2020 14 seasons of the 21 he was the starter (2008 not included) he made it to the final 4
  5. Best to ever play the position. The fact that he played almost 3 full seasons worth of games post week 17(18) and won 35 of them (hard to win 1) is phenomenal 286-95 combined 75.1% From Terry Glenn in Oct 2001 to Cameron Brate in Jan 2023 735 touchdowns in between and a cool 58.3 miles in passing yards. Just amazing to have watched ,
  6. Said it before the play if KC don't get in FG range THIER will be a personal foul penalty, and bingo....
  7. It's nice to see two deserving teams compete for a trip to play the eagles
  8. Making it to the final 8 is no small feat, it's difficult to win games in the NFL and even harder to win playoff games.
  9. I mean it's hard as heck to get to the divisional round in the NFL, and they worked extremely hard. I hope he comes back hungry this.next season
  10. My pain was from the point the 3.5mm stone entered the ureter, where it was.a 10 of 10( I have chronic gastritis and the blow torch.or stabbing feeling doesn't touch the stone) and after the toradol it was only moderate. Don't really know when the stone actually passed . He will play , rivers played the 2007 season title game with a torn acl
  11. Kidney stone pain is excruciating, went from not being able to move to working 12 hours after getting toradol at ER... ER doctor was gonna give me hydromorphone, but being on buprenorohine I couldn't get it.
  12. I doubt he want narcotic pain relievers
  13. Leg 1 game 1 Kelce 2 Td, Leg 2 hurts td Leg 3 Boyd TD, Leg 4 diggs over 81.5 Leg 5 Allen 2 TD passes Leg 6 deebo Samuel over 54.5 $20 @ +26031. (5226 back if win)
  14. Resorts world has the opening line at -4 buffalo right where I figured it would open
  15. That's gotta be the longest return since James Harrison took warners pass before halftime some 100+ yards in SB 43
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