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SJ13   That guy was the ultimate anti-process, me-first Buffalo Bill loser.  

Jairus Byrd & Stephon Gilmore were both unprofessional and quit on the team.

Wish we still had the confused reaction emoji for comments like this.   Dude was the epitome of "process." Worked his way up from 7th rounder to WR1, all the while having a personality and h

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3 minutes ago, dgrochester55 said:

Maybin, Benjamin, Mario Williams after it was clear that he was mailing it in. 


I can tolerate a bad player if they are trying and have a good attitude, but as soon as it is clear that they are mailing it in and do not want to be there, that is when I feel that the sooner they are gone the better.

Mario played lights out in Buffalo for the most part. Some guys fall off a cliff quickly. His last two years in the league (BUF/MIA) weren’t good. I just assumed he was toast. Never really held that against him. 

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2 hours ago, John from Riverside said:

This might get a battery thrown at my head by some of you......but....young Jim Kelly


Back in my John from Cape Cod days when I was stationed up on Otis Air National Guard Base I had a friend (a pretty trustworthy guy he, I, and a young lady were out having beers one night and they told me of the day when Jim Kelly asked for a girls number in front of them (The woman was married)


It wasnt that Jim asked for the number....maybe he didnt know she was married?  It was his reaction to being rejected was he threw a drink in her face for rejecting him......she wasnt even being B about it just said no.   They were stunned. And Jim Kelly was asked to leave the establishment.


Didnt like him after I heard that.  Now to his credit it looks like Jim has grown up over the years and he has been threw his own trials along with victory's which I respect.

He is well known as a jerk face 

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Doug Flutie

Weak armed egomaniac carried by stellar defenses!!!!

Hated the stupid jump pass!!!

Hated throwing the ball into the dirt on ten yard outs!!!

Hate that some of you hate me for hating his shrimpy arse👿

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5 hours ago, The Jokeman said:

Jim Kelly, bad experience at an autograph session I had when first came to town. The bad moment didn't happen to me but rubbed me the wrong way.


Doug Flutie, I co-created a Flutie Haters website when he signed here as he had a horrible past and it turns it's ugly head here in Buffalo too. 


Mike Williams, as never liked the idea that switching a RT to LT was smart toss in McKinnie was a much better prospect.


Antoine Winfield, let me preface that I did like him but didn't like the way some fans over valued him as to me Nate Clements was a much better player.


Aaron Maybin, when was passed on Brian Orakapo on draft day I was screaming at the top of my lungs. 


What did Flutie do? Seems like a class act to me. 

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10 minutes ago, Joe Ferguson said:

Thurman Thomas. This guy is a head case. He is solely responsible for Bills losing Super Bowl 26 and 28.

Tough take to swallow, but true. 

Woulda been the MVP of 25 tho....

Lots of unsavory characters during the drought years. 

I'll go Gilmore, Chris Watson, Whitner, about 9 bad quarterbacks, and the abomination that is Nathan Peterman. 

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3 hours ago, machine gun kelly said:

McGahee by far.  Talk about an ungrateful bastage.  He was taken in the first round when most people wouldn’t have drafted him at all with that catastrophic knee injury.  Happy he healed, but to go out the way he did was disgusting and then bashing the city on his way out.

Willis was hitting on my wife right in front of me at training camp. I had to laugh. Dude was slimy 

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He was a great guy, but I was SO MAD when they drafted EJ Manuel.


Im not always a huge fan of Jerry Hughes, he’s said some @@&$ed up things over the years on Twitter.


Wasnt a huge fan of SJ13 me me me antics, but he reps Buffalo proudly.


Marshawn, not so much.


Gilmore I can’t stand, Whitner too 



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That doesn’t surprise me.  I always considered it a compliment when a guy who didn’t know we were together when I was younger would hit on her.  She’d turn red faced, and I laughed always.  She’d say you’re not mad, no you’re hot.  Needless to say I always enjoyed those evenings much later.

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39 minutes ago, ProcessAccepted said:

How could you hate Flutie? Did you ever see him play? The dude did whatever he could to win.

Yeah.  Met him a few times too.  He’s an ******

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I've named a few in this thread, but nobody comes close to my disdain for Gregg Williams, though he wasn't a player.

An absolute sleazeball.

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4 hours ago, Jauronimo said:

Orton attempted the forward pass on occasion and stood in the pocket. 


Edwards last play as a Bill was running out of bounds 7 yards short of the marker on 4th down.  Didn't even try and throw it.  Wouldn't risk being touched in the field of play. 

I think I just blocked all that from my mind. Selective amnesia.  But now that you bring it up...😡

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