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  1. I've made my thoughts known on Edmunds plenty of times. Even though I come across as a Edmunds hater (I just dislike all the mental gymnastics done for him lol), I'd much rather the Bills re-sign him and big Ed (preferably after big Ed) than keep Poyer. The Bills have some of the best db coaching in the league.
  2. Is this bait? Tremaine Edmunds had a whole extra year in the NFL before he hits 24 compared to Kuechly and Lewis.
  3. Democrats promised for aeons to codify it. They've had ample opportunity. Their inaction is due to them wanting to milk the tribal "us vs them" dogma. (Republicans do it too).
  4. Vote locally, it affects you more. Stop being large government statists.
  5. Terrence McGee should be in over Fitzpatrick, and McGee shouldn't be on the Wall.
  6. I frankly don't get either sides of the argument. Yeah the practices are voluntary, but it's not like the Bills were forcing Poyer to sign the contracts he did. So Poyer can be upset all he wants, he is suffering the consequences of his own actions by signing the contracts that he did (and that he is still under). We'll see what happens when the attendance becomes mandatory.
  7. More guns = better. Obviously not from a crime perspective, but from a freedom and anti-authority perspective, and self-preservation perspective. Why does the state get to hold a monopoly on force? I don't need to roll out all of the states throughout history that have abused that monopoly and made aggression towards people legal, just or not. I'd rather deal with the consequences of having guns exist than give it up and have no defence whatsoever against an abusive state. Secondly, crime is always going to exist, and abolition never works. Drugs, sex, porn, abortion, the list goes on. Guns wouldn't be any different. The slippery slope of this is tremendous. Okay, less guns, what's next? No knives? No forks? No tridents? When does this lunacy end? It's disappointing foolish people throughout history have willingly given up their rights for non-existent promised security. It's a tragic comedy.
  8. 90+ pages for a running back that probably won't amount to anything more than a "good" running back..... Might as well get his name on the wall of fame
  9. The wheels are already in motion, bud. All you can do is buckle up and hang on 😎
  10. I did, he definitely wasn't lighting the world on fire. The KC game was his magnum opus
  11. He took away all those passing lanes in the KC game as Mahomes targeted him countless times, and made him look like he had his pants down 🤣.
  12. Just because the Bills haven't be successful at easily replacing them in the past recent years doesn't mean that's a global truth. In fact, the Bills have been the outliers compared to other teams getting great running backs outside of the 1st round. If Breece turns out good, then ok. I'm gonna be skeptical in the mean time and I certainly will not be pounding the table.
  13. All things equal, Breece had a lot of open field runs that I don't think will translate to the NFL. Just my eyes I don't think he's good between the tackles, and busting big runs isn't a thing in the NFL anymore. Besides, are you ponying up a second contract for a RB? I sure wouldn't. So why would I spend a 1st round pick on a position that is easily replaceable?
  14. Najee has great contact balance and yards after contact
  15. I already extremely don't like taking running backs in the 1st round, but even more so if it's Breece. Dude is not Najee Harris level, and people are banging the table for him at 25? Yikes.
  16. 1. Boneless wings are chicken nuggets 2. Ranch AND blue cheese are sub-tier sauces.
  17. As of right now, with that logic, then the Bills would have rode Jerry Hughes til he was ready to go and yet here we are with him sitting in FA.
  18. Not gonna lie, I took the bait at first. I hate this day, in all its entirety.
  19. Same hoopla was made when Tre White did that to his Instagram. Sometimes they do it if they're going to be branding their own stuff. A wait and see approach for this development.
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