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  1. Agreed. I think it's based on him getting over his dropsies he had last season. If he doesn't have that issue anymore I can see why they'd say that. He's a physical freak and I think he showed glimpses of that last season.
  2. That's what I took from it. They're projecting him to be a top ten TE
  3. On a fundamental level, sure. I think most of us want to be left alone. But as far as actual libertarianism policies are concerned, I disagree with most people have it in their DNA.
  4. I'm even more fired up about this team after watching this interview
  5. I'm interested in the contract details considering the Patriots' cap situation.
  6. The North American animals are my absolute favorite. And the American Bison has always been my most favorite. Thanks for this thread How dare you
  7. Yup, looking forward to the Bills v. Stillers game this year if Big Ben is back to pre-injury form.
  8. Hope things turn out better for the Sabres. Troubling times when my Penguins went through bankruptcy. Took a chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a potential HOF goaltender, a HOF winger and a gift wrapped lottery HOF center to dig us out of the pits.
  9. I'm really excited for our offense this season! Daboll in his past stints has had some really respectable rushing offenses, looking forward to what he can draw up this season!
  10. I hope they don't extend it. I'd like to see 2K make a simulation game. I was reading about that tournament. Apparently the player did that because the handoffs would have an animation of handing off that would allow for the running back to have the most speed when getting the ball. It was interesting
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