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  1. Usually impatience and delirium go together like pb&j
  2. Chris Kelsay, Ryan Denney. Paul Posluszny would irritate me a lot because it always seemed like every tackle he made was 8+ yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Edit: oh yeah, also Derrick Dockerty and Erik Pears 😠
  3. Or if we lose in the first round again it will be pertinent again because "are we really a few players away?". Or if we don't make the playoffs it will be pertinent because "are we back to the same old bills?". I can create tons of excuses why it would be pertinent.
  4. How many times do we need an article on this? Remember hearing about this last year before free agency. 🙄
  5. I like those picks. For some reason Chaisson kept falling to me almost every simulation I did, which I don't think will actually happen.
  6. That's where Bob Babich would come in my opinion. Let Babich do the brunt of the coaching while letting Kuechly learn the ropes - while also giving Tremaine and Milano (Dodson?) some pointers. Could see a situation similar to how Kyle was giving Ed Oliver pointers - except Kuechly would be an assistant coach.
  7. now that we stopped them, do we just need a fg? Edit: thanks announcers, yes we do
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