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  1. Lack of reports does not mean Beane didnt check in. Some vets don't like OTAs, some wait til after the draft. Edit: Also it's wishful thinking. I want the Bills to try to sign him, and I think they should.
  2. Hopefully to make room for Jurrell Casey. The Bills should be going hard after him.
  3. Replace Ford with Boettger or Lamp and that looks decent
  4. I personally put Jerry right up there with Kyle Williams. You simply don't trade a well-respected leader who has been great for Buffalo. Jerry has been one of the few bright spots of the drought and would be super pissed if he was traded. That's good to hear. I was about to be livid
  5. Definitely like the white helmets the best, but man, I'd love to see them rock the red helmets with current or 90s themed uniforms! I'm stoked!
  6. My goodness, I wish these people would read __some__ kind of credible economics book.
  7. Ah man adultswim. Watching Inuyasha at 5/5:30am before school in the early 2000s. One of my favorite animes to this day.
  8. Who knows how Wyatt would have turned out here. I think he benefitted greatly from having Bill Callahan as his coach.
  9. So awesome to see players excited to come to Buffalo
  10. This is your world op, we're all just living in it
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