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  1. How many times does this offense continue to make things hard on themselves. Multiple times with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and longs!
  2. That sentence scares me for multiple reasons. If Dorsey need to be more creative then that raises obvious concerns about the Bills' short term success (super bowl this year) Concerns about long term success - if Dorsey needs to be more creative, what does that say about the other coaches that may have a helping hand in the preparation - for Dorsey? Specifically Joe Brady, who is supposed to be an up and coming coach. Does Brady have a helping hand in setting up and designing plays for Dorsey? Is Dorsey taking full responsibility in play designs? All questions I have that there aren't open answers to, but I agree with you
  3. Agreed, they're pretty athletic. Eric Wood I believe explained the screen game woes while Daboll was our coach. He (I'm simplifying/paraphrasing) essentially said that it isn't getting practiced enough. Running screens takes a lot of time of practice to get the timing down. He went on to say how much Chan Gailey had them practice screens. So the lack of screens, on the surface, makes me believe that it's not that the oline can't do it, or that Josh/our backs can't do it. But simply maybe our OCs don't want to devote entire practices to get the timing down. Or maybe they have some other alternative reason. Which stinks either way. I think screens would do numbers, especially with Cook and Hines now.
  4. Tackling is coaching. Most of the Bills issues is coaching
  5. 1. Dane Jackson is one of the worst starting corners 2. It's time for Frazier to go.
  6. Dude, the Bills should have wiped the floor with the Browns, like Miami did. They are still showing bad play like they have since the GB game. They have been (objectively) playing bad. Put the homer glasses down for just a second.
  7. Dane Jackson, week after week, is a soft player. He needs to not be guarding wide receivers. Really frustrating CB to watch
  8. Good/great coaches don't wait until halftime to make adjustments
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