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  1. Might have already been asked here, I didn't search through all the pages. What do you guys think the chances are that if Daboll goes, McD reaches in the Andy Reid coaching tree bag and tries to get Pederson here (assuming he doesn't get a HC gig)?
  2. Leslie Frazier needs to go, this defense F'n sucks
  3. When this team makes stopping the run a priority, they deliver and the opponents' running game is ineffective. Then it's up to Rivers' arm to beat us.
  4. Yeah I wasn't high on them and glad they didn't return. I appreciated Shaq his last year. And I loved Jordan Phillips's hype. He'd always be throwing his hands up to get the crowd pumping or after a sack he'd smack his thigh pads. He made me want to jump through a wall a couple times. Hopefully they let Addison, Jefferson (maybe butler) walk to try to keep Mango, Williams, and Milano.
  5. I'm going to be really sad when Jerry Hughes retires/no longer a Buffalo Bill. Him, Eric Wood, and Meatball were the few bright spots and stalwarts for the tail half of the drought.
  6. EA had something going with Madden 25 and the Ignite engine. Focusing on physics simulation while also adding back content to Franchise mode. If they just would have built off of it, think what we could have now. Things kept going downhill when they went with the Frostbite engine and animation heavy. Still a fun game, but I stopped caring so much about it.
  7. Weird how nice of a player JuJu was when he was a rookie. Seems like he's becoming a bit of a douche with his antics.
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