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  1. My only disappointment from this draft is that we're so far heading into 2021 season with Star and Harrison Phillips at 1 tech. I wish they would have spent 1 pick on a big 1 tech.
  2. Anybody got any projections on Robert Jones out of Middle Tennessee. I love the kid, would like it if the bills took him at some point. Looks mean, big, and could be a fit at Guard.
  3. This guy is BPA over Tyler Shelvin or Melifonwu? Wtf
  4. I want another Kent Hull and Eric Wood. I'm sure I'll get over this, but it's hard for me to believe Humphrey wasn't BPA there.
  5. So glad we got a redundant DE and not a potential stalwart center for the next decade in Humphrey. So daggon deflating
  6. Boogie basham over creed Humphrey. Beane smoking goofy stuff. Dumb friggin pick
  7. Creed Humphrey creed Humphrey creed Humphrey please Beane
  8. JOK on the board and we pick Rousseau.... Deflating
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