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  1. Seems like that they are nowhere to getting a solution to solve with Aaron. It is going from bad to worse and beyond that.
  2. Ready for June and Summertime

  3. Or maybe bang your head if you want to. But then again you could get amnesia LOL!
  4. Memorial Day 2021

  5. Yeah as really two men will be in rotation as it can be a good thing. And also in the knowing that Bills are a young team on the rise.
  6. Ready for Mother's Day!

  7. Really nobody. As really liked them all. Came off pretty likable IMHO. Just saying!
  8. Ready for April Showers and Spring!

  9. Yeah needed to really have people up beat indeed!
  10. Stop Anti-Asian American Hatred!

  11. The way he dressed was really something else. Died way too soon IMHO!
  12. March Madness 2021!

  13. A lot of people are going to say he is spoiled. But the management at the Texans is messing up big time. As really Jack Easterby the GM there is the one that is messing things up.
  14. Valentine's Day 2021!

  15. Come on guys. This is your moment to shine. And in the defense will always win the game. Josh has to be sharp.
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