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  1. Great role model that for those down in the dumps like he was only to rise up.
  2. Fireworks All Around!

  3. Yeah as would be nice. Especially for those who have or had to wait up to like fifty years for their share. Wish it is not fair for them.
  4. Yeah as 2018 is in the past. 2019 Is now and just really hope that they can put it behind in 2018. Good luck. Just really like the GM and coach despite a lousy 2018.
  5. Happy Father's Day!

  6. It will be tomorrow in four hours Boca Bills!
  7. June is Here!

  8. Yeah as h was really good Randall. Tough and clutch. Very few bright spots.
  9. Men and Women in Uniform!

  10. Happy May Day!

  11. NFL Network taking off of AT&T sadly. As hope they can get something done. And fast!
  12. Easter is Here!

  13. Yeah as really they would have to show him the money to keep him!
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