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  1. It is about time indeed! Go for it Sev!
  2. Olsen needs to retire and go into the broadcasting booth. Just saying!
  3. Ready for Valentine's Day!

  4. Pros and cons of this. Pros if he continues to play like this an be a keeper. Cons if he gets paid and if he gets sloppy. Seems to be a curse.
  5. Ready for 2020 SB!

  6. Will be #1 for the third straight week. But question is will it be #1 of all time with the Avengers finale of last summer having the crown!
  7. Ready for 2020!

  8. Summerall and Madden!

  9. 1960 Game as being a kid back in those ages. Wish I could do just that with a time machine!
  10. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year for 2020! Christmas Time!

  11. Ready for Christmas!

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