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  1. Don't ya just love it when the Patriots eat humble pie after a loss!
  2. Happy November Here!

  3. Happy Halloween

  4. Oh my eating nothing but meat and potatoes. Wow! I have to have my veggies or I am not myself!
  5. Ready for October Skies!

  6. Getting ready to go 3-0 there. As really will be fun to bring back excitement!
  7. Ready for NFL Season 100th!

  8. Well if he wants to play for a contender, hope he can find one. But what if the Bills make it worth his while?!
  9. Happy Labor Day 2019!

  10. Unless he is getting a big deal, it would make sense. Or not getting the deal or turning down. I can see it. But people are trending like Michael J Fox for no reason. If it is that he is dying it would be one thing.
  11. Back to School!

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