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  1. Yeah as really they would have to show him the money to keep him!
  2. April Showers!

  3. Spring Fling!

  4. March of Irish there!

  5. Really she scares me. And really she is a mini Pelosi to me. Or Schumer for that matter. And really getting rid of those jobs out of Amazon in NY for going green? Come on!
  6. Break it To Me Gently

  7. Need a W.R. who can really be clutch when it comes down to it. Not just great downfield.
  8. Happy Valentine's Day 2019!

  9. Really these women are dangerous. No offense. They scared the heck out of me.
  10. Ready for the Super Bowl!

  11. Democrats are very loud and no Shrinking Violets I will tel you all that. But still Pelosi and Schumer scared the heck out of me. Regardless of party.
  12. Got You Under My Skin!

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