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I’m gonna root for youse

Jimmy Spagnola

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12 minutes ago, Jimmy Spagnola said:

Normally I don’t care about football if the Jets isn’t playing but I decided this year I will root for youse to win the Super Bowl.  

That’s cuz its sorta like the little brother who is a pain in the ass and who you smack around the house all the time.  When he grows up a little and goes outside you like to see him beat up some of the other kids in the block.  You know when he comes back home you can just knock out a few of his teeth if he gets mouthy.


Next off it’s because it is your only chance now that we got a real coach.  Good luck for the next twenty years.  Youse might get a wild card though.  Last time we played we held your superstar phony QB to no touchdowns.  That was with a bug eyed freak as coach.  Now we got a legit man who don’t take no crap from nobody.  You’re dead soon.  Good luck whilse you is alive.


P.S. Jets JEts JETs JETS



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1 minute ago, BuffaloNuts said:

Jets fans would eat a bucket of their own filth to acquire Allen. Enjoy rebuilding around Darnold or whatever QB they miss on this year.


New Jersey Jets fan eat buckets of their own filth on the regular - you'll have to up the insult to reach this cave troll although I doubt he'll be able to understand you.

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