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1/16/21 Divisional Round Playoff Bills vs. Ravens Second Half Thread

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I just climaxed 

I was mad he took it out at first look, how wrong I was. 

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1 minute ago, Giuseppe Tognarelli said:

People are overlooking the significance of losing that lead before half. A halftime lead is absolutely critical under McDermott and translates to a >91% chance of winning. Now it's anyone's game.


Brown should have stayed in bounds.

Which people are overlooking it?

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1 minute ago, motorj said:

Bills need a dome for sure. Allen had a few deep throws pushed from being up 2 scores

Not sure that's the wind. Allen's deep ball has been a struggle throughout his career to this point. 

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just my first half opinion
Feel very lucky that a HOF kicker misses two kicks
D is playing as well as they can possibly play vs Baltimore. Prob won’t hold up.


Offense is lost. too one dimensional.  the narrative that Josh sucks in cold/wind is holding up.
Need points and some running/ball control mixed in or our team of destiny will lose like 20-9.

Stop going for home runs when you need 5 to keep a drive alive. it’s almost impossible to complete passes downfield.

If Baltimore ends up WITH the wind for the 2nd and 4th quarters it’s a huge fail somewhere.  That means we should not have deferred and taken the ball.

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1 minute ago, JakeFrommStateFarm said:

Allen limped off the field after his fumble

Stayed down a long time too. 

very worried about that hit. We saw him muscle through an injury earlier this year and not look like himself.

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1 minute ago, Success said:

Maybe I'm off - but I think no matter what kind of team you are, you need to establish some sort of running game.



A few here made that same argument about when the weather is like this.


It is not Allen's fault that his longer passes are either getting taken for a ride on the wind or getting knocked down by it. Seems to be able to hit some of the shorter routes, but longer passes are going to be really tough with this wind.


Wish Gabe would have caught that TD, but it is basically a 0-0 game. I think we are going to have to at least make an attempt to run it a bit more. Not sure if motor will get it done and not sure if they bring anyone else in to see if we cannot bang it a bit better.


Got to take advantage of the passes if there is a wind at your back before they have to switch directions.



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We are going to come out and start working the slot. Gabe and Brown outside and Diggs and Beasley inside. 

It’s either that or we go heavy and let Diggs isolate outside. 

These shot plays have to stop if the wind doesn’t slow down. 

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