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  1. He looked like he was running in quicksand when he had the 30 yard gain. I get it, run blocking has been suspect. Our rbs aren’t doing much better than what is blocked either. No burst through the hole from any of them. Yeldon has come the closest. Moss did look smooth out of the backfield.
  2. When you start seeing that inside corner blitz you know the defense is confident. Love see safeties and corners get after the qb. We disguise it really well imo
  3. I noticed that. On a third down stop in the second half they just walked off the field. Nobody fired up. No celebration. Just business as usual in a two point game. I want my defense to be jumping, clapping, yelling, do something. Show some emotion. It’s ok i think that’s where the fans are missed honestly
  4. I hope we stomp them out like the punks they are. Most hated team in the league by far. I’ll hate them forever
  5. Not that I’m trying to lose the game next week. I’d rather beat the pats than anyone in the league. But we can drop the game next week and still be first in the afc East good times.
  6. And would’ve had the tds as well if we line up correctly and Kroft didn’t go all Daniel Jones.
  7. I’ve wanted that guy all 7 years he’s been in college
  8. Can’t wait to get this game and win under our belt. The sky is falling around here after two losses to really good teams. Plus it’s a Sunday game and we usually play better on Sunday.
  9. The defense has been a bag of moving parts the entire season. We have a lot of new players up front and injuries all year to our back 7. You can’t develop the communication and the cohesiveness by constantly rotating players due to injury. Without a preseason getting everyone on the same page was always going to be tough without injuries. After the jets game we will have more time to self scout instead of preparing for the next game. I’d say that’s when we will see a better overall defense with a few adjustments. I really don’t think we are that far off. Keep the QB in the pocket and get off the field on third down.
  10. I think the coaches tried offensively to adjust to the weather. You saw it in the run game. what I’m saying is the weather prevented us from playing to our strength which is going to be a problem later in the year.
  11. Solid points. I don’t think our d will be elite this year but I think we can be better on third downs with a little better communication and some healthy players. Defense has been patchwork all year.
  12. Might have actually hurt us more. We are the team that wants to run 4wrs and throw the ball all over the yard because we can’t run.
  13. Daboll tried to let him cook to begin the game and inaccurate too much adrenaline Josh showed up. I swear I’m big games I’d run my qb three straight times to calm him down. Seems like every “big” game he takes forever to settle down and get into a rhythm
  14. That’s my biggest issue with the last two weeks, we have to keep the qb on the pocket at all cost. Every time Mahomes and Tannehill broke contain it led to a big play. That’s the first thing I tighten up. Keep the qb in the pocket and that will help third down defense.
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