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  1. This is similar to baseball. In baseball you can never have enough pitchers. They can win you series after series. Because of that it’s a premium position. same thing with defensive end or edge. Pass rushers can win championships. Denver and Tampa are two recent examples
  2. I just don’t understand how 15.5 sacks is so easily discredited in the acc Thats a lot of clean up/coverage sacks sign me up for this pick. He looks the part and sat out last year. Maybe he didn’t have the work ethic or drive he needed. Maybe he didn’t have the help and facilities he needed either.
  3. I tried to watch this. I just can’t. The coverage gets worse and more like a Vegas stage show every year. I’ll catch the picks as the come in via alerts from espn
  4. We couldn’t stop KC either time we played them. Im going defense this draft. Edge corner IDL. we need to pressure Get more speed and stop the run.
  5. Create space for this guy and Ingram and let’s go to the draft. I’m a Knox Stan
  6. Whether we trade for Ertz or not, we’ve got to do something at tight end. We have one on the roster that has any significant playing time. Two if you count Tommy Sweeney
  7. Would’ve been a good get. 10 mil tho we can’t afford to pay attention at this point
  8. So many guys saying I want to be in Buffalo. One of the only guys I can remember saying that when we were terrible was Jerry Hughes (one of the reasons he’s my favorite player). Now multiple players are doing and taking “hometown discounts” to do so. If you count the 2020 football season and this offseason as one year- I can’t remember when I’ve had more fun as a Bills fan.
  9. Yes sir. My man Levi Wallace Stan
  10. We’re getting the band back together
  11. I’ll keep the two time pro bowl linebacker and our first round pick.
  12. I think sanders is an upgrade over smoke. Love John Brown but sanders has put up good stats with crap QBs. He’s got plenty of speed left. Always been a fan of Sanders.
  13. Maybe this guy is better at downing punts inside the 20. Not up to speed on my punter knowledge since moorman isn’t our best player any longer.
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