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Playoff Game Postgame Thread

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Great game. I enjoyed none of it.

Congrats guys   hell of a game, and I am gutted. Losing never gets easier   I will be rooting for Buffalo the rest of the way. Hats off to you guys. 

I need an ambulance!!!   OK Daboll, we have that out of our system, back to blowing teams out please....

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1 minute ago, Dont Stop Billeiving said:

Don't have a Twitter account or know how to embed tweets here, but Chris Harris Jr just tweeted 'people who passed on Josh Allen looking real crazy right now lol.' 


Doesn't really matter what he thinks, but that's the same guy that said he couldn't wait to play Allen last year and thought he was terrible. We've all seen the growth and hard work from Allen, but cool that opposing players are noticing that and giving him the respect he has earned. 




Is he a FA or something?

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13 minutes ago, finn said:

I think it'd be accurate to call them a good team with a great coach. Those two calls could easily have resulted in touchdowns. I liked his aggressiveness. He's absolutely as good as McDermott. 

Didnt say he wasnt a good coach.  

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6 minutes ago, Warcodered said:

Oh he's still on the team I didn't see him today. Like seriously where was he?

6 minutes ago, MikeSpeed said:

Where was Mckenzie today?

If John Brown bumped McK out today, it wasn’t a good call. Smoke got snuffed.

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4 minutes ago, Warcodered said:

Rivers actually had a pretty good game he made some plays that you kind of had to throw your hands up and say what are we supposed to do there.

I mean I wasn’t expecting Rivers to be that effective on 3rd. Bills struggled in their coverage up the gut but Rivers also had about 3-4 desperation throws that were completed 

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