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Ever had a dream about the Bills?

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19 minutes ago, Don Otreply said:

I like the ladies in yoga pants dreams myself...


That's one of my favorite dreams too. For a second there, I felt a little queasy - because I thought that Sherlick Holmes had posted this. Then I realized it was someone else and my mind instantly drifted off to my favorite ladies yoga pants dream ... I guess I prefer to think about the Bill's when I am awake, lol.

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Most recent one was Buffalo was playing Pittsburgh in the playoffs and we were down like 40-18. I stopped watching. 


I ended up on the field somehow. There was 44 seconds left and we were up like 47-44 and the Steelers were starting at their own 1.


We won.

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All the time. 


I have had some weird recurring dreams too.  After the MCM, I had the same Titans/Bills dream a bunch of times. I was standing and watching in the back of the endzone, as Peerless Price caught a deep TD pass, putting the Bills up 70-7.  I probably had that same dream like 5 times.  Oddly enough, it never came true.


Before this season started, I had some vivid dreams, which I posted on here-- which I will paste below (because they are kind of funny in hindsight):



I posted on here a month or so ago a Bills’ dream i had, which involved some overall good play by Josh Allen, some near turnovers, and a blank look by Stephon Gilmore.



Well, last night, I had another very specific Bills’ dream, and I think it warrants some psychological interpretation.


First series of the season. First two plays were total nightmares— sack, loss of yards on a running play, penalty. It put us in 3rd and Super long.  Instead of your draw or dump down, Josh Allen does a pump fake on a fake WR screen to the left. He rolls slightly to the right, and throws an absolute dead-on accurate bomb to Gabriel Davis. 65-yard TD!!!


Here is the wrinkle—in the dream’s instant replay, Davis severely bobbled this pass, but re-grouped and barely hung on for the TD. This made me very nervous.



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1 hour ago, VaMilBill said:

I actually had a dream a few years back that the Bills were in the SB against the Saints. This was before we drafted JA. 

Im sticking with that prediction this year and say we beat them 

That was actually my thought bills vs saints.


Although bucs is ideal, beat them at home

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