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Falcons waive Takk McKinley (claimed by Raiders)

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You don't recognize Prime Time Deion Sanders?

Sign him now, sign him now, sign him now.....    

21 years old and emotional on stage during easily the biggest moment of his life. Came from what sounds like less than ideal circumstances.    Did he handle himself like a model draft pick? No.

They should 100% put a claim in for him. 
Atlanta has been a mess. Even if he’s a brat he’s playing for a contract next year and has a ton to prove. Every team in the league should have a claim in for a half year rental of a young pass rusher 

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He's ok but as a player, he hasn't evolved much.  There is talent there but I don't know how coachable his personality is.   I think his decline in production is due in part to that once the league saw what he he could do, he didn't add much to it.  


That being said, that doesn't mean it's all on him.  The Falcons have whiffed on a lot of players recently, and part of that whiff is the organization failing to grow raw talent into skill.  

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