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  1. Probably just put them in a hotel all together and bus them there. That being said, what do other teams that have training camp at their own facilities do?
  2. Only 4 positions I think are worth crazy money, QB, DE, CB, and LT. Of that list Tre White is the only player at this point that I feel is 100% a must have. I think a lot of the older vets on the D will be missed if not resigned. White however, is a cornerstone of a Franchise. I wouldn't pay Dawkins crazy money, he is good not great. Our DE's are all older or rookies so they don't fit the bill. Allen hasn't shown me that they need to give him 40+ mil/year, but I am hoping that will change. Other than that I would be shocked if there were any high price FA resignings that blow up the market. (In a few years Edmunds might be one of the exceptions)
  3. Ummmm not they are anything the same, in scope or magnitude, but wasnt/isnt OJ on the wall....?
  4. I don't know if I should be turned on... or scared, or both.....yes it is both...
  5. Now I really want the bills to get him. Would be awesome to have two brothers play together. If he had problems keeping his head on straight in the past, nothing better than having Pro Bowl Big Brother and McDermott helping guide them. Not alone the amazing DB room that would be there to mentor as well.
  6. Stuffed Mushrooms with peppers onions and sausage, and then follow that with some Nachos with Wegmans Guacamole and Beers.
  7. I find that is the best way, I watch the combine, and see some guys I like. After they drafted Whitner I gave up falling in love with a single player. That year I thought it was a lock they would take Haloti Ngata who looked to be a stud and was a need. I remember I was at work listening to the radio when they announced it I just yelled an F-bomb and turned off the radio. That being said, Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame looks like a guy who will cause some headaches in the league. He doesn't have to step in and be the number 1 target for the Bills right away, and he loves to play ST too. That size/speed ratio will make him a mismatch, and if he is the number 3 or 4 on a team....lookout.
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