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  1. We are going to be in Rivera Maya in a small little resort. I reached out for an update on the bar, they only have two there. Not sure if it will have US TV on it or not. Hoping the Bills Mafia site works because that would be easiest!
  2. My wife and I are going to an all inclusive in Mexico next week. (She runs a clinic and this was the only time she could get off) We are going to be out of the country during the Ravens game. Does anyone know how I can watch the game on my iPad when I am down there? I have the CBS app but they told me that it is only available in the states and I would need to download a VPN. Not sure if I can download that on an iPad. Any help would be appreciated. Go Bills!
  3. You all are idiots, this has literally nothing to do with the anthem. Every single game players do this, every single sport, every single team. They used to follow Tebow around with camera to make sure they got the shot of it. But now the "F*** your feelings/if you don't like it leave" people start clutching their pearls when they see anyone kneeling, and then they try to find something that they want to be offended by. Get a new hobby.
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