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Youse ready for part deuce?

Jimmy Spagnola

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58 minutes ago, Just Joshin' said:

He would compare it to a prison shower......but with a NJ accent.


38 minutes ago, Ridgewaycynic2013 said:

Too busy shoveling pasta and 'Sunday gravy' down his gullet to soothe his soul.

He switched from cell push-ups to cell squats after the 1st quarter... His cell mate was a gangbanger from Buffalo:oops:

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1 minute ago, MarlinTheMagician said:

The saddest thing for Jets fans is they need a new quarterback.  They waited nearly 30 years since Namath.  Darnold has regressed and I don't think he can do it at this level.

The funny thing is I recall seeing a thread on Jets forum where it was said they think the only QB in the AFC that's better than Darnold is Mahomes. And I'm serious, it was actually there.

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1 hour ago, Virgil said:

Has anyone checked out the Jets forums yet?

Guessing they read "Allen still trash...only did well because of his weapons" and his 71% completion rate doesn't count...it was against our bad defense. Just look at the pass to Brown wide open in the end zone - yep Allen is trash" and the ever so amazing "put Darnold with that coaching and offensive weapons... Darnold be tossing up 500 yards and 5 tds to no ints."



Ps we have people here saying that.








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Don't hurt your arms patting youselfs on the back.  Youse have a better coach  than us so I'll give you that and which is why you won.  Our stupid bug eyed freak didn't have us ready to start.  Getting behind 21-0 is on him.  After that we physically dominated and won 17-7 but that don't count.  Youse deserve the W even it is lucky for you.  


I bet youse want Gore back cuz your other guys couldn't do nuthin. 


I don't like our coach but we got too much talent and physical domination to lose too many more like that.  I think our players is gonna take matters in their own hands.  I think we will win the division pretty easy but not as easy as I thought.  Good luck until we play again.  


P.S. j-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S

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