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Buffalo / Philly Postgame thread


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Can't get lucky one damn time and have the opposing kicker miss a 59 yarder in the rain.  Can't have Brown take one more step before the ball gets popped out.  Gabe ***** Davis can't run the correct route to easily end the game.  The collective scenarios that have led to these tragic losses are absolutely mind boggling.  

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7 minutes ago, Orlando Tim said:

This is my last weekend watching NFL football till at least the playoffs. The officiating is dominating games, and definitely not just us, and I watch to see players make plays not to watch officials call ticky tack stuff while missing obvious things that have to be called. 

Ratbirds just nailed Herbert out of bounds, no flag....oops yeah its on the Chargers. WTF

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6 minutes ago, Big Turk said:

I mean...I dunno what to say...all they had to do is make a single play out of these easy freebies and the game is over.


  • James Cook dropping a TD
  • Bass missing 2 FG's(1 was blocked)
  • Hyde turning his head around and not allowing a "Hail Hurts" that for all intents and purposes looked exactly like the "Hail Murray".
  • Gabe Davis not turning the wrong way against a blitz that would have led him to an easy TD

Another game where the Bills had to beat themselves via dumb plays and penalties(many of which the refs gave the Eagles as gifts as well as many no calls against them).  


Put up 505 yards against the Eagles...there is NO WAY they should have lost this game.



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I give, you beat me Bills. You finally beat me….see you next year but this year, nope, no more emotion here. I’ve already moved on to work schedule tomorrow so you have finished my training indeed. 

Good luck all, the pain is certainly far from over 🤣

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Just now, RichRiderBills said:

WTF with Gabe not snapping his head around on 3rd and long where it was clearly a blitz down. 



It was an option route, either go to the corner or the middle depending on where the CB is playing you.  Corner is playing him to the outside so he should have went to the middle for an easy touchdown.  Hard to be hard on Gabe with the game he had, but, he clearly made the wrong route decision there.

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2 minutes ago, Rich Stadium Original said:

Last 5 PHL drives: TD TD punt FG TD...this team does not know how to close out a game....

and the Bills have now lost 4 of their 6 losses on essentially the last play of the game.


Lack of intensity for 60 minutes is on the coaches period. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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