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Buffalo / Philly Postgame thread


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Win or lose, we still had to win out.


Wasn’t going to happen.


Valiant effort.  Defense played pretty well.  Play calling was decent on offense.


Season over.  Need to make some smart decisions this offseason player wise and especially cap wise.

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Well I believe we witnessed a great episode of "How to Manipulate an NFL game" 

It is just a masterful piece of art.  The timing of the calls and non-calls. 

Add in a desire to lose in the most unreal way possible weekly. 

You get the Buffalo Bills my friends.  I am sorry you had to watch that. 

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Probably the first time since 13 seconds that I've actually been upset at a loss.


Not really sure what you can say about the Bills constantly being in a position like this at the end of a massive game and somehow always allowing the other team to pull off what should be a nearly impossible feat. It's so tired and it shouldn't keep happening but somehow, it does.


I also believe this was the most poorly officiating game I have ever seen. Astoundingly bad.

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Lot of disappointment to go around.    The Polly Anna’s who will say how hard the team played and the fact they went toe to toe with the best team blah blah blah….


Go pound sand.    They dug this hole and have flushed a season down the drain.  


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We couldn't beat the Eagles and the Refs today.  End of story, and season almost certainly over.  But, overall the Bills looked more like what we expected today.  We should not have been in a position where we needed wins over the top teams in the NFL.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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