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Buffalo / Philly Postgame thread


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3 minutes ago, All_Pro_Bills said:

This defense just never makes the big stop against the top teams in these one-score games.  How many times have we suffered through reruns of this outcome?

The offense left the field with the lead inside 2 minutes in the 4th and in OT.  But as usual the defense folds, not once but twice.  

I was yelling for them to go for the first down in OT rather than kick the FG knowing they'd blow the lead.  We all knew they wern't going to hold off the Eagles offense if they touched the ball so going for the TD was the only chance to win

What's wrong with Sean isn't that he's a bad coach.  It's that his trust in his defense is misplaced because they come up empty over and over.

Unfortunately he's yet to catch on they suck in the clutch. He's taken this team as far as he's going to, time to go.




Forget the top teams. Mac ***** Jones carved them up to beat them

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3 minutes ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

Off the top of my head:


1) Denver (2023) (last second FG/12 men on field)

2) NE (2023) (basically last play of game)

3) Philly (2023) (59-yard FG and OT) 

4) Minnesota (2022) (fumble and improbable Jefferson catch) 

5) KC (2021)— 13 seconds


i know there are more….



You know me I am usually positive.


This game feels the equivalent of Terry Silver beating Daniel up literally and then proceeding to sleep with his wife.  

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Despite numerous offensive screw-up they STILL scored 34 points. The geriatric, overpaid defense is what really failed them. I'm sure those roster choices were covered in McDouche's fingerprints. Send his ass packing and see what Beane can manage on his own. 

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1 minute ago, DapperCam said:

I will say that I think the refs really screwed us in the first half. However, maybe if we beat the Pats and Jets we could afford to lose on the road to an 8-1 team and the refs.

Jets, Broncos and Pats. How, just HOW, are the Bills 1-3 against those teams? And it could be worse - the officials were, for once, on their side against the Giants. Otherwise…

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What really bothers me about McD: no sense of urgency or of any need to adjust strategy/tactics to the situation.

A little game theory approach: The Bills desperately needed a win. Not a tie. A win.

Philly? Of course they wanted a win. But a tie would be very useful to them, given that they'd still be a one-loss NFC team and everyone else has at least 3 losses. So the Bills absolutely needed a TD in overtime. What I saw suggested that a TD would be great - game over! - but a FG would also be o.k. The play calling up till the final play suggested that.

Allen has that killer instinct. Does McD?

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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