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Has Tyrel Dodson really showed that much improvement? Currently PFF's only 90+ backer.


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I feel like Dodson looked terrible earlier this year, but seems to be improving. he looked a little better in coverage, certainly strong against the run. But I was shocked to see his grade on PFF is 90.3. No way, right? He is better now it seems, but I figured his deficiencies was being coached around. Has he really gone from a liability in coverage (and a liability in general) to a strength? What am I missing?



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8 minutes ago, Starr Almighty said:

He paid someone on the website so he can get a bigger pay day his next contract


There have been comments that on Madden and PFF (not much difference in my opinion) you can pay to get higher ratings.

3 minutes ago, DJB said:

So do we like PFF again? Or mad because Dodson will now need 432 million dolllars when he signs an extension 


Never like Puke Fantasy Football but told to stop posting Bill the Cat.

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l joseph super charged our front 6.


crazy how a street free agent did that.  dquan was obv sick, but we really need a big monster in the gut, no reason to only have hybrids when oliver does that better than maybe anyone else right now.

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As far as Dodson goes, is there anyone who actually thinks he is a better player at this current juncture than Fred Warner or Demario Davis? PFF is a sham. Still, I don't throw up in my mouth anymore when I see #25 on the field. That's at least an improvement. 

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I don't think he's been as good as that score, but it's a good reminder to fans who freaked out when we lost our WLB and 1T for the season that non-premium positions are easy to paper over. The season was not in fact lost in the 1st quarter of the Jaguars game. We just needed more from our coaches and our premium players.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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