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Speculation: Could an extension for Gabe Davis be coming too?

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54 minutes ago, Solomon Grundy said:

How about simply restructuring some contracts and get DHop? Go ALL IN this season!!

I like Hopkins, think he’s a great talent but need a bit of a friendly contract and I honestly don’t think this unit is in bad shape with the addition of Kincaid. Plus with Oliver’s extension and the signing of Floyd I don’t see them kicking any cash down the line unless it’s Dawkins.

There’s a lot of potential key players; whether role or rotational, who will be Free Agents these next 2 years. With Josh’s contract, Center and both Tackle spots a question mark in that time frame, going to need to inject money to one of those which won’t be cheap. Be it new tackle/s, Dawkins, Brown or a new Center (can’t see Morse lasting), might as well get a potential generational talent on the cheap for a cost controlled 4/5 years to pair with Diggs tail end of his career.
On another note, 2026 looks to be just as an expensive off-season. 

Just my 2¢

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3 hours ago, BBFL said:

Couple of firsts, obviously. Maybe a player also. We’ve seen before where consensus top 10 prospects from the last year have a drop in value due to a myriad of things; injury, lack of production, off the field issues. Anything can happen. Will the latter two happen with his background and track record? Doubtful. So injury is the most likely to cause him to drop down boards. You also have to factor in needs and risers throughout the year. May be possible he ends up going in the 10 to 20 range. Wouldn’t be too hard to jump into those spots. Let’s just hope the wheels don’t fall off this year and we are picking in the ball park of 20 anyway 😂


Either way, as it would be projected, it will take some decent capital to get to an area where we can pick him. Unless someone in the room develops into a serious weapon opposite Diggs, might as well swing for the fences whilst Josh is here. Just feel this guy is on par with Julio Jones/AJ Green of recent years. 

I'm not against this, it'll take a lot of luck to pull this off.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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