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Which position group should the Bills target in Draft RD 1 based on Bills Depth Chart as of 3/19/202


Which position group should the Bills target in Draft RD 1 based on Bills Depth Chart as of 3/19/2023?  

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  1. 1. Which position group should the Bills target in Draft RD 1 based on Bills Depth Chart as of 3/19/2023?

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Isn't Bates penciled in as starting RG?  I don't think they'll be moving on from Spencer Brown so soon either.  McGovern and Dawkins on the left. Morse at C. Solid backup in Boetger. I think the O-line needs additions, but not as desperately as MLB.  I'd say 1st- LB, 2nd-4th - O-line, TE, DT


I wouldn't be upset with a stud WR in the 1st, but I don't think it is a greater need at this point than MLB

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14 hours ago, Chaos said:

With the signing of Sherfield and Harty, is there any real possibility the Bills will use a first or second round pick on a WR? If so, who is the odd man out on the roster? 


I don't think any.  I see it this way as my hope is for 6 WRs on the 53.

Rankings heading into OTAs.



Shakir (have to think initially it's Shakir above Harty.  May need to be switched) 



Rookie (Rookie moves up the rankings as he progresses)

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On 3/19/2023 at 1:41 PM, BigAl2526 said:

BPA all the way.   I would be a bit surprised if the BPA is an interior offensive lineman, defensive back or running back at this point.  The draft could always fall differently from what I expect though.  It usually does.

Rarely works that way, if ever, BPA is a perception/opinion , that’s why need is selected 99.999% of the time. When was the last time every evaluation on all teams agreed on who the best player over all was? 

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I didn't vote because i couldn't post my 2 positions . I think either a stud LB or a stud O linemen both are positions in need of a upgrade that can be filled with a reasonable contract for at minimum 4 years unless of course they don't work out & after seeing the Jack Campbell highlights i'd say if he's there that should be the 1 .

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4 hours ago, Don Otreply said:

Rarely works that way, if ever, BPA is a perception/opinion , that’s why need is selected 99.999% of the time. When was the last time every evaluation on all teams agreed on who the best player over all was? 

Teams draft on the basis of "the best player for our team."  That's really what I mean when I say "BPA."   That takes into account position of need.  I also assume that no two teams, nor any two individuals for that matter, have identical big boards.  That said, I don't think that Beane will zero in on one or two positions and only consider players from those positions.  I also don't think he is inclined to reach very far to pick a player of need.  Considering specific players, I have a hard time with the notion of Buffalo picking O'Cyrus Torrence.  Buffalo has a preference for players with position versatility and it is generally believed that Torrence is a guard only, and his size dictates more or less that he's got to be in a power blocking system.  Buffalo uses a fair amount of power blocking, but they also seem to like using zone blocking at least some of the time.  I saw Josh Downs mocked to the Bills today.  I thought that was just plain stupid.  Downs is small, limited to the slot in the opinion of most and ran a 4.48 in the 40 at the combine.  That's really about average for a WR, but you want a smaller WR to be faster, like Deonte Harty, whom the Bills just signed.  Tight end is not strictly a need, but Buffalo lacks a true #2 TE. 


Depending on who else is available at other positions, I'd think long and hard if Darnell Washington was still on the board at #27.  Nolan Smith is another player I'd consider though his college position is not a need for Buffalo.  He's normally listed as an edge rusher, but as small as he is, I think he could get beat up playing defensive end full time in the NFL.  Some might think him an outside linebacker.  He would probably be a really good one, but Buffalo doesn't need that with Milano on the team and playing a nickel alignment most of the time.  The Bills would need to decide if he had the mental makeup to switch indie to middle linebacker where they have an obvious need.  Another player I'd consider is Anton Harrison.  He played left tackle in college, but he's not so tall that he would be awkward at guard like Spencer Brown would be.  He's got work to do on his run blocking, but I think Peter Skoronski is probably the only offensive lineman in the draft who is close to a finished product.  I don't think there is a single safety I'd like at #27 and a first round safety doesn't make a lot of sense with Poyer back in the fold.  There would need to be great value in the pick, and there isn't.  There is a very slim chance that a quality defensive end or tackle drops to Buffalo.  I would consider either position if it was a really compelling value, but Buffalo would have to try and unload somebody on the roster and it might be tough to get good value in a trade at that point.  I'd also give Bijan Robinson consideration if he drops, but I'm not expecting that to happen.  There are not many WRs I'd take, especially after Buffalo signed a couple decent free agents.  Jordan Addison is not going to drop, nor is Quentin Johnson or Jaxon Smith-Njigba.   I I already said I wouldn't take Josh Downs, an undersized and not that fast slot receiver.  The only other two that I've seen projected as possible first round picks are Zay Flowers (who is a little on the small side but may be able to handle reps on the outside) and Jalen Hyatt who might have the best speed of any receiver projected as a possible first round pick and at least average size.  I might be talked into Hyatt, but the pickings would need to be pretty slim otherwise. 

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Narrowing in after a bit of roster tweaks in FA...


MLB has to be the clear #1 right now.

Then IOL 


I'd be okay with OT IF one of the top 3 slip

I'd be okay with the TOP safety but nothing else (unlikely anyways)

WR as the "consolation prize" if we can't land a starting MLB or IOL.


That's it for me.



Personally, I'm hoping to trade out of round 1, and land LB Campbell, plus pick up an extra second or third rounder (depending on how far down we trade).  If we went with Campbell, then a few OL picks, that would be ideal this year.


But we can't ignore adding the heir apparents to the Hyde/Poyer days.  Draft, and groom for the future.  


Also need a SOLID swing tackle as the primary backup to Dawkins at LT.

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9 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:

How is BPA not an option in the poll?

Because it is a totally subjective assessment that differs from team to team, even when the same position being considered by those teams. The draft is and always will be scheme “need driven”.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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