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What is the most impactful new player signing so far this free agent season?


What is the most impactful new player signing so far this free agent season?  

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  1. 1. What is the most impactful new player signing so far this free agent season?

    • Kyle Allen
    • Connor McGovern
    • Deonte Hardy

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8 minutes ago, Chaos said:

What is the most impactful new player signing so far this free agent season?  Feel free to comment on which signing is the most wizardy as well 😁

Only one is impactful. The backup qb is required but hopefully not impactful. The wr is a Hail Mary. 

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1 minute ago, Airseven said:

Nothing they've done so far moves the needle.

For me it’s gone backwards if these moves preclude others. We needed a legit WR. We got Hines, Harty and McK for that price. I would have cut Hines, not signed Harty and gone after one of the wr available. 

2 minutes ago, Draconator said:

As of right now, McGovern. 


The final chapter of this off-season has yet to be written. 

Truly hope so

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Objectively, our OL has gotten better by signing McGovern. He is an instant upgrade over Saffold. If everything else remains the same (and it may not) our OL is better due to that one simple signing.


I do not know enough about Kyle Allen versus Case Keenum to say if our back-up QB "room" got better or not, yet even if it did OL is more important than backup QB. 


Finally, I do think Harty is an upgrade over McKenzie but that (IMO),overall, does not necessarily make our WR group better to the same extent McGovern instantly elevates our OL in a substantial manner.  Saffold was that bad last year.  He literally may have been the lowest rated OL in the league and the amount of times he literally spectated instead of blocked was equally comical, inexcusable, and sad. 


Fun question and hopefully we will have different answers in 1-2 weeks.



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3 hours ago, TheBeaneBandit said:

Hasn't happened yet.

Hence the words so far

So first of all, we need to address this from the position where we were at going into last season favorites to win the Super Bowl, and ended up with a 13 and three record



Resigning players matters, so for everyone, that’s not, including Jordan in the signings you also need to take that into consideration and bringing back Hines we know what our return game is going to look like


There is no guarantee that any of these free agents that are being signed to these teams are gonna be better or make the teams better to the ones that they’re going to none. We see free agents flame out every year after being spent massive amounts of money on them. 


We do however, know what we have on our team


So what were the weak links?


Saffold replaced

Back up quarterback push

Wide, receiver, unknown

Linebacker needs to be addressed

Pass rush needs to be addressed

Right tackle needs to be addressed


running back needs to be addressed

The off-season continues

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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