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Who do you want to avoid in the playoffs?


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Just now, John from Riverside said:

Sometimes you have to overcome your demons in order to meet your final goal

That is the absolute best point you can make. I copped out by saying the Chiefs. But would it feel right to make the big game and not beat the Chiefs in the process?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

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1 hour ago, bills6969 said:

Obviously we want to avoid KC and Cincy,  but who else would you prefer we don’t see in the playoffs?


For me it’s Balt and the Chargers.  If Ljax is healthy, with that D they are pretty formidable.  The Chargers are getting hot,  great offense and starting to get healthy again on D (I think Bosa is returning).


So you dont want to face Chiefs, Bengals, Balt, or LAC?  So youre basically afraid overall to just be in the playoffs since you pretty much named everyone that mattered in the playoffs lol.  

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Ranking who I least want to play to most minus the Chiefs and Bengals. 


1. Jets - Divisional opponent who are the best in the league at shutting down our offense. Part of me thinks they'd be a tougher out than KC playing in Buffalo. Bengals remain to be seen. 


2. Dolphins - Same thing. They can quick score and are not intimidated by playing in Buffalo. Their defense leaves alot to be desired but they can still create havoc upfront. That offense can score at anytime. 


3. Jaguars/Chargers - Both are southern teams getting their first playoff taste. I am nervous about the potential of both offenses but ultimately I think the Bills fair better when facing opponents who are unfamiliar with us. Not sure if either Lawrence or Herbert have played in brutal cold weather games. 


5. Ravens - Their offense was going cold while Lamar was still healthy. Their defense is stout but they don't match up anywhere near as well with us as the Jets. They're more in the New England mold of having a disciplined defense. That style of defense doesn't get the job done against Josh Allen. He's too good at improvising when plays break down. (The Jets are an athletic defense full of ballers who are on the hunt)


6. Patriots and Titans - Titans are an utter wreck and the Patriots simply don't have the horses to beat Josh Allen on defense and their offense is pathetic. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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