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12/ 1/2022 NFL Week #13 - Bill at Pats* - 1st half game thread


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4 hours ago, In Summary said:

I have no trouble calling Dawkins out for bad plays or how a particular matchup was unfavorable.  I just don't buy into this "move him to guard" noise as if he's not fit for the LT position.  It's possible that if he's the best O-lineman on the Bills, he doesn't have someone pushing him.


The Bills need to decide on scheme and their preferred O-lineman body type.  They may also be obsessed with positional versatility.  The selection and handling of Ford and Teller was interesting.  Ford was a slow-footed tackle with a 6.36 RAS was taken in the 2nd.  Teller, strong as an ox and taken in the 5th with an 8.8 RAS, apparently wasn't a good fit for their scheme (??).  


Dawkins isn't a problem to me, it's the Bills' changing run philosophy and talent assessment of the OL.  I'm hopeful they can do for the interior OL what they did with the interior DL.  Arguably you get a guard next to Dawkins that is above average in both run and pass blocking (thinking of Reuben Brown / Incognito) and you now have a strong side of the line.  Dawkins then looks like an All-star.


I'd be interested to hear what someone who was OL football savvy had to say about the what the Bills need on the left side vs the right side.  



I think Dawkins has played in better shape than he showed up this year, but he is a Left Tackle all day and one of the better ones who has shown he can play at an elite level when committed to do so.


This season I just noticed that he had lost a bit on his first step and was struggling and lunging a bit more with those outside speed rushers than he has in years past. A lot of those guys count on playing themselves into shape and maybe that was it, but I have seen him play at a higher level than he has and hoping we get that Dion back - the guy who can erase DL players.


That being said he is the best we have and even when not at the top of his game he is very good and I would not want them to move him anywhere. The same goes for Brown at RT move-wise; you leave him where he is at. He has been wildly inconsistent in pass-pro sets. I am trying to decide if that is just who he is - streaky, or if that is just what happens when you have a second-year tackle who had back surgery over the offseason and needs time to get back into playing shape and find his groove. 


Brown does not seem to have any issues running folks over in the run game - so that is a benefit as long as we don't abandon that for long stretches.








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