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Week 4, 10/02/22, Bills v. Ravens GAME BALLS

Freddie's Dead

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As usual, Josh gets an automatic game ball, I pick up to 3 O and 3 D and you have it.


Stefon Diggs - Had one TD drop, but really the only reliable WR today.

Khalil "Tupac" Shakir - Came on late after Ravens headhunted McKittrick out the game, caught two huge FD catches.


Jordan "PAY THAT MAN HIS MONEY" Poyer - The two INT's were huge and enabled the Bills to win this game.

Matt "Cookie" Milano - all over the field today, tackled LJ for short gains on his scrambles.


Tyler Bass"-o-Matic" - 2 huge FG's when we needed them to stay in the game, then nails the game winner.




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Iron McKenzie.  He was a main target of this game good portion of game.  Reminded me of his highlight game.


Devin Singletary.  He became a multi threat and even Thurman would like his performance.

2 minutes ago, scuba guy said:




the refs showed up in the 2nd half for us


Only fair since they showed up in 1st half for Ravens.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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