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Dolphins @ Bengals - TNF Game Thread


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2 minutes ago, The Wiz said:

Serious question to ask the gambling addicts,  can you bet on when a timeout will be called in a game?

I'm the last guy on Earth to know the answer, but I bet you can! 


That would be my guess.


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9 minutes ago, Nextmanup said:

Players were pretty much as fast and strong back then (human beings haven't evolved in 20 years!) and the game was MUCH MORE VIOLENT.


Open field free shots on receivers, for example, are now outlawed.


In the older days, players made names for themselves by KILLING PEOPLE ON THE FIELD.


Steve Atwater!  Ronnie Lott!  Bill Romanowski!  (who injured hurting people) etc...



Well you right, I am showing my age lol was thinking more of the 70s, probably romanticizing it a little, didn't seem like guys were trying to take someone's head off every other tackle

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1 minute ago, Rick 'r Mortis said:

What are you watching on?


Completely unrelated...Paramount+ is an absolutely garbage service. Every commercial break goes all pixelated and it continues minutes after the show is back on. Also, when I hit Next Episode it starts 40 minutes in like I've watched it before.




Prime Video 

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