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Your Top 3 Players from the "Drought Era" you'd add to the current roster


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So I saw this question on Twitter & thought I'd ask it here just for fun.  What 3 players from 2000-2017 era of no playoffs would you guys choose to replace a current roster member with?  Also, which specific known starters would you replace with them?




1. Takeo Spikes, LB - He normally played ILB, but I'd replace Milano as I'd prefer to see him & Edmunds on the field together. But if it came down to it, I'd take him over Edmunds too.

2. Ruben Brown, LG - He sometimes was called "overrated" by fans, but the guy made 8x Pro Bowls & 4x 2nd team All Pro on the Bills. He made the playoffs, but he played for us until signing with the Bears in 2004. I'd replace Ryan Bates & hope Saffold can play RG 😁

3. Marshawn Lynch, RB - There's a lot of good picks for RB, but I think having a really powerful, hard to tackle back that can get those tough yards would be best. I know the conventional wisdom would suggest someone good at catching the ball & be a dual receiving threat, but I think Lynch would kill it in this setup. The field is so spread out, he'd have a field day, and Josh would be the additional running threat if plays break down. Plus, there are just those short yardage situations you'd prefer to have Lynch over a QB sneak or a more shifty guy like Shady. 




Anyway, I really wanted to put Kyle Williams on the list, or an underrated guy like Terrance McGee who was a strong CB & ST guy (CB in particular has some nice candidates), but these are the 3 I'd love to take most. 


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I'd probably go all defense and say:

London Fletcher - replace Edmunds or Milano
Aaron Schobel - replace Epenesa or Basham

Nate Clements - Put him across from White while Elam learns


Larry Centers could be interesting... he caught 80 passes in 2001 as a FB! 

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7 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

Cant believe I had to read so far down before someone said Kyle Williams


Some say he is not a draught era player for he made the playoffs.  


Make Mine Moorman!   Brian Moorman, P - better than every punter in camp including the god and he made other special plays besides punting.

Ruben Brown, LG - he continued playing well in Chicago.

Eric Wood, C - better than any center last few years.


Can I choose a coach?  Rusty Jones, damn best conditioning coach in the league.





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4 minutes ago, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

Kyle Orton as our backup QB. Stevie Johnson in front of everyone else after Diggs and Davis at WR. Clements at CB 2 just bc of the Brady hit🤷‍♂️


I think you mean "just bc Nate Clements hit on Brady". :P

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This is a good question to entertain us when not much is going on.  Narrowing it down to three is hard.


Gilmore.  It's a passing league and we have one premier - but hurt - CB.  Giving him a partner would make this defense incredibly stout.


Schobel.  It would be a shame to take away snaps from the youngsters but I'm not yet confident any of them will be a good bookend for Miller.


Jackson.  Freddy could block, catch and run.  


It kills me not to include Kyle.  I'm in the camp that thought Ruben Brown was overrated but I'd love to have him now.  I'd love Jason Peters even more.   Eric Moulds would thrive - if he stayed healthy - in this offense.  Beast Mode would be interesting because it would put defenses in a quandary: how do you stop a team that can throw it anywhere on the field but also has a power running game?


I'm not sure about the LBs mentioned because we now play a 4-2 Nickel that's designed to stop the pass.  

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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