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NFL schedule release: May 12th 8pm


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Just now, 716er said:


No but hundreds of thousands of bored people at work are watching the leaks on Twitter.

then your analogy would be people watching someone playing Madden instead of waiting for the scores.

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49 minutes ago, Airseven said:

Small marketers always crave national attention. Recognition can alleviate thin-skinned self-consciousness. 


Raiders @ Rams is a good opener.

No. No it's not. You might as well watch a MLB game- they'll bore you to death. Carr is a dud; he's always been a dud; he always will be a dud. He has always had weapons- don't think that the addition of Adams will change the dynamic. He shares the stage with Cousins as the most uninspired, unwatchable QBs of this era. Watching any game featuring Carr is akin to watching your neighbor mow his lawn. But sure, the Raiders are a big name.

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3 minutes ago, BTB said:

I’ve been attending road games for 20 years and have never had a problem finding numerous hotel options…after the schedule is released. 😂

It's more than that.


Requesting time off from work and making other travel arrangements.


We shouldn't have to wait this long for the schedule dates release. The NFL could have announced this news earlier.

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17 minutes ago, BTB said:

I don’t get all the anxiety over rumored schedules when the actual schedule will be released in a few hours. 


It’s called “anticipation” not anxiety.  Speaking only for myself, this is a huge day as I’m now able to begin making travel arrangements for the fall.


Anyone who spends any time at all on this site is passionate about the Bills; getting excited over seeing the schedule released is a natural progression of that.


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2 hours ago, Greg S said:


When the schedule comes out tonight watch it be Jets at Bills or Bills at Jets week one 1:00 start :) In the Bills history they opened against the Jets more than any other opponent. Even the Dolphins and Pats weren't close to the Jets as far as opening against the Bills goes.


Challenge accepted.  Went and looked at all seasons since 1960.  This is based on Week 1, whether it was home or away...





1 hour ago, corta765 said:

I got Bills at Washington Sentinals week 1 against Shane Falco


So we'll start 0-1.



1 hour ago, Virgil said:

Just a personal preference.  Granted, it didn't help the Pats this past year, but I believe the last 3 games should almost always be divisional games


Agreed.  I'd like to see all division opponents 3 out of the first 4 weeks, and then again, 3 out of the last 4 weeks.  You could see a lot of division leaders changed doing this I believe. 


1 hour ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

Not sure if it’s true or not. Seems legit. 😀




And the fix to the game will be that Rodgers wins one more Lombardi before retiring. 


36 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

I’m going to start leaking games on my twitter. 

1st leak is an NFL history making game. I’m hearing Bills @ Bills week 1. Should be a good one.


Will it be schoolyard picks for who plays on which team?



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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