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  1. This is surprising, as a big reason for blacking out the competing game in local markets is to keep to keep a captive audience so local team viewers don't switch to competing games during commercials. Could be a 1 season wonder.
  2. I must be more optimistic than I though, this is the first season in a while I haven't thought about punters.
  3. Ask Jeeves was much more generous to the Bills.
  4. As bad as our o-line was last year, Arizona's was much worse. And Miami's this year looks to be around the same level of awful. Although Miami's QB situation (and likely coaching) is much improved this year, that awful line will "hinder" (not really in the grand scheme of things because it's a rebuild) them. The Dolphins are in a great rebuilding situation for 2020: If Rosen doesn't work out, there are plenty to chose from in next year's draft. But if he does, the team will likely still be near the bottom and they'll be in a great position to get a haul for a likely top pick.
  5. Clelin Ferrell at 4 was more shocking IMO. The Jones pick was predicted by some media people like Adam Schein, but CF at 4 came out of nowhere.
  6. For the sake of Josh Allen's health, anyone but Fitz. I'm not a superstitious person but the curse is real! He's like the Murder She Wrote lady of the new millennium.
  7. Thanks for putting this together OP. Very indicative of the revolving door of GMs post Butler.
  8. Gruden made me do this at still didn't take me at 4???
  9. 1) I'm ecstatic over the Bills pick, but they turn out to be a bust. 2) Patriots trade a 3rd round pick for Rosen and he picks up where Brady left off in a few year.
  10. Thanks for posting OP. I like the idea of FINALLY having a great TE. Curious if Detroit takes him before us, or if they're still feeling burned by the Ebron pick.
  11. Weeks 15/16: happens every year now after college football ends.
  12. https://twitter.com/JeremyWGR/status/1118662670989836289
  13. Eagles Week 8 - Not too bad, probably the game I'll go to
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