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  1. It's just someone's guess, the OP said so on Twitter, defending it now being fake. Rumors: Bills/Pats TNF the week after Thanksgiving.
  2. Give it a year or 2 and it'll be a 6-parter on NFL+
  3. To recap W1: @Rams Kickoff game W2: Titans MNF W3: W4: W5: W6:@Chiefs W7: W8: W9: W10: W11: W12:@Lions (Thankgiving) W13: W14: W15: W16:@Bears W17: @Bengals MNF W18: AFCE
  4. Hopefully he gets a bunch of NFC away or cross-flexed Bills games in the national 430 slot so Pats nation will have to listen to him talk up Allen!
  5. Anyone else hoping we don't have the kickoff game? It would be cool to see them get the exposure (do we even need it at this point?), but LA in November or December would be a great away game trip.
  6. Wishing Jerry nothing but success. He's a great player who always gave it his all. Hughes is the only player who spanned the hopeless era (-2013), the inept but fun era (2014-2016), the we-may-be-onto-something era (2017-2019) to the present legit contender period. Hats off to him.
  7. I'd guess it was people doing a search after reading about the Watson scandal. I do think it's likely the Bills are #1 in Canada again when you combine the band-wagoners & the core fan base up here.
  8. Probably not - they'll likely do the ABC game
  9. No, it's likely due to Philly being a top 5 tv market and the station being an O&O (i.e. owned by Disney). I guess Joe & Troy will be doing that game.
  10. Maybe he doesn't care that it was leaked. It really doesn't reflect poorly on either of them, lots of people become unhappy with a job they had for one reason or another after working at it for so long. It's pretty standard in any industry letting others know that you're unhappy and ready to move on if you want to leave.
  11. Oh boy, that was one short honeymoon for Joe Schoen.
  12. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/1e0cb1de-5d4e-4155-b15b-550f86b111be/gif#_KmHoUAX.copy
  13. His players play tough for him. If they hire him I guess the Dolphins are really doubling down on their YAC Tua-led offense.
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