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  1. It was the ultimate anti-Orton play for sure.
  2. Makes sense, Newton and Belichick share the same stylist.
  3. All the best to your son, I hope he has a safe and painless recovery.
  4. I like this better than just redoing the same order as last year. How unfair would it be to give the Bengals Lawrence, then have them get a bounty of extra picks for him (or Joe depending who they want)? I doubt the rest of the owners will let Mike Brown collect like that.
  5. I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but does anyone else think it was going to be the Chargers alone, then Kronke stepped in as to not have his new stadium associated with LAC? https://deadline.com/2020/06/hbo-hard-knocks-nfl-los-angeles-rams-chargers-coronavirus-1202961954/
  6. I can't say I'm a Murphy fan, but what is with radio's general attitude about not giving their hosts runway for their goodbyes? It happens more often than not that hosts announce their goodbye on their last broadcast.
  7. How many teams will break the 70 barrier this year with off-season severely reduced?
  8. Sources tell me they agreed to have a good working relationship, but McDaniels backed out of the agreement the next day.
  9. To be a fly on the wall during Watkins and McDermott's interactions....
  10. I like him in small doses, 3+ hours would be too much. Kurt Warner would be great in the analyst role, but I hope Dan Orlovsky gets a tryout.
  11. 2020 is so weird, my most hated Patriot is now the rookie kicker.
  12. Looks like he is wrong too. I doubt Denver plays on Thursday after opening up on MNF:
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