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  1. That's hilarious if that's all Sean could say about the team. They're punctual as well, all of their games have started on time!
  2. At this moment they'd be at the 6th team - tied with the Colts who they beat a few weeks ago. I assume that Dolphins games have been ratings poison this year.
  3. They don't even let him coach against Miami next week, that's cold.
  4. What's the record for most sacks by a single player in a single game? Asking for Jerry Hughes.
  5. As long as it doesn't hurt the Bills, I'll always root for Robert Woods.
  6. Should be a survivor pool bloodbath this weekend with Miami on a bye.
  7. For all my issues with Allen, Trent Edwards is the probably the Bills QB he reminds me the least of.
  8. Lewan is back from suspension this week, so that means.....who knows? The Titans seem like a completely different team every week, I won't dare venture a guess how this goes.
  9. He played one of his 5 worst games ever, of course he's not happy.
  10. Its painful to watch Pat try to formulate his "outrage" face after several attempts.
  11. They dropped SF too. I guess barely beating a winless, injury-depleted AFC North team at home doesn't have the same cachet that it used to.
  12. Replacing a 15-year started who won 2 Super Bowls with a game like that will get you noticed.
  13. Always shocked when I see how young Ryan is. He's one of those players that I've always assumed was in his late 30s after his third year or so.
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