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  1. Thanks OP, I'll check that one out. If you haven't read Mark Leibovich's Big Game: The NFL in dangerous times, I highly recommend it. Warning though, the author is a P*ts fan - though he takes plenty of shots at them.
  2. It would be hilarious if he decides to retire in San Diego.
  3. Bills -Steelers was actually off a bit from the weekly average of SNF. It was the highest rated game of the week, but TNF had a low outing (Jets-Ravens blowout). That said, Bills should absolutely get some scheduled primetime games this year.
  4. That and the entertainment industry has finally exhausted every possible angle to examine the OJ saga!
  5. I'd be disappointed if the Vegas draft wasn't a tacky, ridiculous spectacle.
  6. London is interesting - I work with people there and have some friends I'm due to visit so would consider that for sure, maybe tack it onto a work trip. Was in Mexico recently so wouldn't go to that game. Vegas and Tennessee are the ones I'm eyeing, though Phoenix is the only one of the 8 I have no interest in visiting.
  7. The schedule is likely released April 15th or 16th (1 week before the draft). Always an off season highlight for me, this year even more so due to all the good away games.
  8. I would guess that the rest of the NFL was amazed he was able to get the production he did out of Allen, Beasley, Brown et al. when everyone was new except for Josh & Dion. I hope he does get a HC job next year not because I want him to go, but because it likely means the offense took another leap.
  9. Isn't it pretty rare that a top player in their position moves into coaching? Likely a combination of not needing the money and you can't teach natural instincts/ability.
  10. True, but I don't think ESPN will be outbid by CBS, they need him more. He could probably get a producer credit on MNF as well.
  11. Awesome. No clue if he'll be a good HC or not, but he's a great ST coach and happy to see him leave the Pats!
  12. Deleted my post because it wasn't about Schwartz but close enough. Is Daboll still under contract with the Bills? How long are co-coordinator contracts typically?
  13. He was successful with Alex Smith as well in 2011-12.
  14. He'd probably have to take a lateral move to work under an offensive HC (ala Pettine) to be seriously considered again.
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