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  1. He really has been getting better and better. For the national guys: Romo's the best. Collinsworth is at his his best when the game's a blowout and riffin' with Al (though Michaels does most of the heavy lifting). I generally enjoy him but he is the most rigid in his preconceived notions of players and teams of all the national color guys. Aikman seems a little checked out this year, and his Dr. Hibbert laugh is getting distracting. Griese and Riddick are off to a good start.
  2. I'm aware. My Chicago colleagues have been complaining about the Nagy & the offense all year.
  3. It's surprising how bad he's handling this. He felt this was "his team" for the first time since Buffalo? Really not the 2015 Jets? His brand has being a good teammate and acting as a mentor to young QBs. 100% the Dolphins should have talked with him before it was leaked to the press, but this (sincere) outburst won't help with team cohesion and the players rallying around, and showing patience, with Tua. This could cost him a bunch of money down the line, I'm sure GMs drafting a rookie QB are taking notes.
  4. Washington Roughriders? At one point 2 of 9 CFL teams were Roughriders.
  5. Never. There are few HC/Owner combos I can see getting along worse than Bill O'Brien & Jerry Jones.
  6. This is the right move, get Tua some playing time. The goal was to sit him until they deemed him ready. This isn't an Alex Smith/Mahomes situation, that team was loaded.
  7. Not to give credence to the "fire everyone" mantra, but the Bills at that point were coming off their second Super Bowl appearance. I'm generally happy with the HC and front office since they took over, but they should win a playoff game first at least before we start using these analogies.
  8. I can't speak to his playing ability at this stage, but it's hard to fathom a stronger message.
  9. Someone like Jordan Phillips sure could help us out.
  10. I'm convinced Troy is in a bet to slip in a mention of Vic Fangio every game this season.
  11. You can tell the NFL is excited for this game when they plug it non-stop, and every 5th time they'll mention Dallas is playing afterwards.
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