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I might be an outlier here...... Draft needs


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Hey folks,


I might be an outlier here, but my mind has changed a few times in the lead up to the draft.  After we've added a few key pieces to our roster, and lost a few others, I'm starting to think that our draft needs have shifted.... surprisingly in my opinion to OFFENSE moreso than defense.


Hear me out.


Positional groups needs I think are in the following order of "need".  While I DO understand that some positions are more noticeable if the team is weaker at that position (like QB, Cornerback), here are our positional grouping needs  in order of weakest to strongest.


Center:  I feel that Center has been the most sneaky need this team has, and feel that the position MUST be upgraded in the early rounds, without question.  Not only do we lack depth but Morse needs and upgrade as the starter.  


Tight End:  We have one of the best QB's in the league but completely lack the TE option on this team.  In KC, Kelce is such a threat that their WR's look that much better since safeties can't double cover or drop too deep for support.  I'd say a second rounder on TE is a serious option for the upcoming draft.


Guard:  Part of the reason we haven't had a great running game is due to the lack of a dominant, run-blocking front.  While I feel that our runningbacks in their own right don't exactly instill fear in opposing defenses, an upgrade at ONE guard spot could help in this regard.  Hoping for a balanced target, but one that has a nasty streak that can can create some inside lanes.  It MIGHT even help Moss elevate his game.


Runningback:  We suck.  Sorry but we do.  I used to be a big Tomlinson fan and have been longing to see a DOMINANT run game from the Bills.  Having the THUNDER to go with Allen's lightning would have a domino effect of helping out Diggs/Davis on the outside.  Stack the box?  Well that would help our NEW TE, as well as our WRs.


Defensive End:  Yes, I know I'm an outlier here, but IF we don't bring back Hughes, I feel that's a bigger loss than some on this board feel.  Boogie, Epensa, Addison, Lawson are all playing at a backup level (on this playoff caliber team).  


Cornerback:  This is where I have cornerback, but it likely bumps up to somewhere near the top because, like I mentioned, corner is one of those positions where you've GOT to have quality starters or the whole game will unravel.  I think we need not one, but two additions.  I think that Taron Johnson might be the only corner I feel somewhat happy with.  Siran Neal should NOT start.


Offensive Tackle:  Could use an upgrade, and if we go OT, it would be a good idea.  HOWEVER, if there are "equal quality" players on the board with any of the above positions, you have to go with another player.  


Linebacker:  NOT a fan of our depth, but Von Miller changed the whole story here.  If Edmunds turns it around, this could be a very good group.  Thumbs down to Milano.


FINAL ON MY LIST is WR:  It used to be higher, and I DO think we should draft a WR outside of the first 3 rounds UNLESS some amazing wideout slips to us.  I like our top 2 WR, and Crowder in the slot.  Can we do better than Crowder?  Yes, BUT again, I'd rather add a dominant TE and/or RB..... and/or an upgrade(s) to our OL. 


Okay............    let me have it.


Be gentle.  lol


Forgot to mention:  S and QB not a draft need right now.

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Yeah but he's a linebacker.  You'll see him up on the line and also back.  Depends on the alignment, matchups etc.  I agree with you though on the premise that he adds a pass rush element lost by a key departure.


We may skip DE in this draft because of that point.  We'll see!

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Looks like you're blowing up the most complete roster in the NFL and starting over with this wish list.


Thanks for reassuring us that QB is not a need right now - I was worried.

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Posted (edited)

Guys.....  Chill!  lol


I'm not saying that the whole roster needs to be blown up.  The positions at the bottom of that list are the positions that I feel are very MINOR needs.   For example, while many here (even me last week....) are hoping for a high pick on a WR, I've changed my mind on that, and feel that a late rounder OR NOT AT ALL would suffice.


I think that ideally the first three rounds should be spent on:

O-Line:  OG and/or OC





Obviously there are only 3 picks..... so out of those 5 options, we'd get 3....


Do I really have to spell this out so literally?  Let's be nice.....


WR is very strong compared to OL (for example....).  If we TRADE UP, we have maybe 5 picks in this draft.  I'm hoping for OL, CB, RB, TE as early options.  

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I was lost with the opening sentence for TE’s…while we may need depth for the position, Knox is a legit option for Josh and they have a connection and Howard provides vet experience behind him. 

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1 hour ago, BuffaninSarasota said:

Thanks for reassuring us that QB is not a need right now - I was worried.

Now hold on a second, Josh did throw an incomplete pass in the playoffs 

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28 minutes ago, Just Joshin' said:

Reading this sounds more like the Jets than the Bills.  How can the Super Bowl favorite have so many holes?

Jesus people!  I'm not saying these are massive holes!


Lower in the list = maybe worth a 6th or 7th rounder!   


Let's just skip the draft!


This is about adding pieces to the roster.  Maybe TWO of this draft class would actually start.... 

31 minutes ago, CNY315 said:

Upgrading at CB has been talked about the last 2-3 seasons.


Listing TE makes this feel like a troll thread



So you're happy with Knox.... okay.

Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 2.26.18 PM.png

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