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1st Half Thread - Bills @ Chiefs 2022 Divisional Round Playoffs


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Just now, Billsfanatic8989 said:

Our offense has to score a TD on every possession. That's alot to ask.


Thing is, I'm not so sure our D is playing bad at all. It's just KC's offense is really good.

Mahomes is tough for any defense. Toss in a penalty or two goes he even more dangerous.

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Just now, appoo said:

Here’s the thing - The bills D is actually playing pretty damn well. You can’t defend this stuff though

It's true, ill admit I get mad at edmunds but you can't ask him to be perfect. His pursuit on runs has been terrible and driving me nuts but it's hard to ask him break up passes to hill and kelce coming across the middle.

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1 minute ago, appoo said:

Not within the structure of football. Their dline is actually winning their battle their backers are covering a TON of space. But you’re facing an offense with historic talent and a QB that manufacturers time and space better than anyone on the planet - other than perhaps Allen

For sure I agree.


Mahomes is making great plays.


But at the end of the day the defence needs to make more plays

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1 minute ago, Generic_Bills_Fan said:

And I am saying kc wants us to get impatient and start flinging the ball all over the place into their soft cover 2 shell.  Trying to hit big chunk plays is what will play right into their hands.  Gotta clear out the safeties in the middle of the field to make plays there or underneath throws/runs.  They are literally baiting josh into what you are hoping we do 

Ok but throwing 1 yard passes to Knox and Gilliam isn’t exactly scrambling the Chiefs’ game plan.

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