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The Dallas Cowboys Cycle


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Cowboys are 10-11 against teams outside of NFC East the last two seasons.


It’s a large media market and an owner who doesn’t pass up a chance to to bump his gums anytime the opportunity arises with the BS brand as America’s Team.  Cowboys are as fraudulent as Tim Tebow playing tight end in the NFL.



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2 minutes ago, Jerry Jabber said:

The hype around the Cowboys year in and year out is sickening! The Cowboys are the most overrated franchise in sports history! 

They should be good. Those teams are loaded talent wise. Lamb, Cooper, pollard, Shultz the TE is pretty good. The line is good. Dak is pretty good (not as good the media says he is, but he’s top 12)


Diggs on defense is an excellent player and Micah Parsons is a stud. 


But they can never put it together when it counts. I was not at all surprised when SF jumped out to a big lead

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13 hours ago, Ed_Formerly_of_Roch said:

Wonder if McCarthy will be fired?


Given Jerry's ego it wouldn't surprise me one bit & i was wondering the same thing . 


It does my heart so much good to see them lose not only to humble Jerry to some extent but to shut Irving's pie hole !! 

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15 hours ago, Albany,n.y. said:


Laugh all you want about Jones and sons but they have accumulated some excellent talent.  I think the issue is that Dallas has hired some sub-standard coaches and held onto them longer than they should.  

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