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  1. I thought is was “Do you renounce Belichick and all his works of Satan?”
  2. I would so no for that type of money with Josh’s extension due. He is slow to diagnose the run and routinely gets buried by guards in the hole. Some of it last year was because Star was not there to take up bodies, but how many times in the first three years do you remember him beating blockers to the point of attack and blowing up runners in the whole or in the backfield? - not a whole lot.
  3. This is a totally ridiculous scenario. If you add our picks to another team’s picks, you are looking at 12-16 picks in a single season and based on your existing contracts, half of these picks would not even make your 53 roster coming out of training camp.
  4. Let them quit professional sports and they can get a regular job wherever they want. I was recently laid off after 17 years with a company because the private equity group that bought it, loaded it up with debt and canned the senior people when their horribly unrealistic revenue projections did not pan out and they needed to cut costs. So if a pro athlete wants to complain about anything, they can cry me a river.
  5. He totally crashed and failed to set the edge on the big reverse to Tyreek Hill in the AFC Championship Game.
  6. Condolences on your loss, amazing how a sport can bring families together. My father and grandparents are no longer with us but whenever the Bills win the Super Bowl, that will be the greatest party Heaven has ever seen and I am sure your Mom will be there.
  7. No one is going to trade for that contract in a year with a depressed salary cap and him coming off an injury filled season. Other teams can wait for us to release him and sign him for about $3 mil for next year.
  8. Let's sign Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny while we are at it with cap space we don't have while we are at it. If the cap is at $180 million you will have to cut or restructure a ton of guys in order to be active in free agency even if you let Milano, Williams, and Feliciano walk. That $8.75 mil in cap space we could have saved if we cut Trent Murphy at the end of camp would look awfully good right now.
  9. Must be tough going through life with bear hands.
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