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  1. I actually would love to have him stick around until we start beating him on a consistent basis so when he leaves he knows he did not go out on top.
  2. I bet you could fix that shoulder with some 3-in-1 oil and some gauze pads - Irwin M. Fletcher
  3. Why? (2 part Why). 1 - Why would we trade for Marriotta? 2 - Why would you post this thread? Can't wait for the trade deadline to pass so these totally unreasonable trade proposal posts go away until next year.
  4. Stupid, subjective, lazy click bait. Don't take the bait people, just ignore this crap.
  5. I will buy him a therapy dog if that would help him play better Edmunds was credited with 3 tackles last week - looked decent in pass coverage but has a real problem disengaging blocks in the run game
  6. Let’s hope Edmunds shows up this weekend because he was nowhere to be found against the Bungles.
  7. Federal House has not been active for a while. O’Laughlin’s will have the Bills game on but it is mostly Ravens fans.
  8. Womp Womp Greenie - that’s what you get when ESPN needlessly hypes the Jets all summer long.
  9. That’s awesome - NYC media overhypes everything and now they get to cover two horrible NJ teams the rest of the year.
  10. And this is a day after he publicly criticized every unit on his team like nothing was on the coaching staff. Never understood how this guy became known as a quarterback/offensive guru - I think he was just luck to ride on Peyton Mannnig's coattails. May be one and done in Gotham for Gase.
  11. The odds of coming back to win after being down 16-0 in the third quarter when you are -4 in the turnover battle is less than 1%. Have no doubt, the Bills were extremely lucky to win this game. Playing an inept team whose offensive line was getting whipped like rented mule by the Bills D certainly was certainly a factor. Pretty much guarantee we won't win another game this season -4 in turnover ratio - (garbage time fumble doesn't count).
  12. Hopefully he is like Incognito without the mental health issues.
  13. Please keep that bloated gas bag Rex Ryan away from this defense so he doesn’t destroy it like the last good defense we had.
  14. He looked like Blake Bortles in the 1st half. Good to see he kept his head on straight, but he has got to move on from performances like this. -4 in turnover ratio plus losing the time of possession battle is recipe for disaster in almost any other case.
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