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  1. Nothing like putting the evidence of your stalking on social media for everyone to see.
  2. As of right now we only have 27 players under contract for the 2021 season. Tre will set the market at cornerback and we have a number of guys on expiring rookie deals like Dawkins and Milano that will be getting paid, so this money will go quickly.
  3. Hey Sean, who called the 46 pass plays against the 24th rated run defense? Dumbol, maybe?
  4. The fact that they were up 16 points with 26 minutes to play and Josh Allen threw the ball 46 times against the 24th rated rush defense should be a crime. Cleveland please hire Dumball.
  5. Coaches and players totally pooped the bed in the 2nd half. No excuses losing a playoff game up by 16 w/26 minutes left. Allen looked like a deer in headlights in the 2nd half and Tre got smoked by Hopkins when the game was on the line. Defense fell apart when Watson started running the ball. As a season ticket holder that drove round trip 13+ hours from MD for 5 games at the Ralph this season and spent the money to come to Houston, this is so disappointing. Not in the mood to hear about “The Process” anymore because that just went off the rails today - going to be another long, bitter offseason.
  6. After last year’s disaster, pretty much every Bills fan should be ecstatic we are in the playoffs this year. This team is young, they have a bunch of new personnel this year, tons of salary cap room and plenty of draft picks going forward. They have/will play meaningful games down the stretch here against quality teams that will prove as invaluable experience. The window is the next two years before they have to extend Josh and Josh needs to start hitting more open receivers to get the offense moving on a consistent basis. Regardless of how far we go in the playoffs, you don’t think the two loses to the Pats will drive these guys to get better over the spring/summer coming into 2020?
  7. Three things that concern me: 1 - The D line didn’t touch Brady at all other than a couple hits. 2- Almost all of Brady’s completions were 10 yards or less. I understand McD’s system is zone but to continually allow Brady to dink and dunk his way down the field when you weren’t getting any pressure on him doesn’t make any sense to me. 3- How do you let Edelman, who is basically on one leg, beat you?
  8. Here are the stats you seem to be ignoring: Completion percentage up 7.5% in Year 2 Quarterback Rating increased by 20 points in Year 2 Four 4th quarter comebacks and five game winning drives both tied for first in the NFL with Russell Wilson Take away the 3-4 drops in the Baltimore game and what is his completion percentage then?
  9. Maybe Saint Doug will fire Hackett as OC to save his hide. Whoops, forgot that that was his tactic last year.
  10. How many game winning 4th quarter drives does he have this year compared to last year? Or compared to Tyrod his 3 full years here? INTs will be same for a full season compared to basically a half season last year - same with the sacks comparing a full season to half a season. So in your mind 19/24 game in Dallas is not indicative of his potential? In addition, us playing in close games every week with the defense we have will impact the team offensive stats. If they have a lead late like they did Sunday night, they are comfortable going somewhat conservative on offense confident the defense will lock it down. Fumbling is an issue and he still holds on to the ball to long, yes but overall their has been a clear improvement when you are not obsessed with the stats.
  11. Really could care less about what people who are not following the team day-in and day-out have to say. Josh seems to polarize people the way a certain dude in the White House does where they have already made up their mind regardless. He is great with the fans, his teammates love him, he is improving, making big plays in the 4th quarter and most importantly - he is winning games. The analytics crowd can love a quarterback with a 65% completion percentage, 5.0 yards per attempt average throwing a 2 yard out to a back or TE on 3rd and 8 all they want, but I will take Allen any day of the week. He has a ton more potential to the upside than Baker or Sam. If he improves from year 2 to year 3 next year the way he has improved from year 1 to year 2, look the hell out because this will be a fun ride for Bills fans.
  12. Go to a Steelers/Ravens game in The Burgh - not so hospitable then
  13. Horrible take. Gore’s stats are down because they are now running him in situations where the opponent is expecting the run and loading the box. Singletary’s fumbles should be a concern and Yeldon was putting the ball on the ground when he was playing earlier in the season. Singletary has been good in pass protection in terms of picking up his assignments but has been overpowered in some cases simply because he is a smaller back. I am perfectly fine having Gore as the safety blanket that won’t fumble and is better in pass pro than Singletary or Yeldon as the pressure increases as we head into the playoffs - especially since teams will continue to blitz Allen until he starts to consistently burn them on the blitz. I understand the desire for them to activate Duke Williams so we have a bigger receiver on the field - I do not understand the fascination with Yeldon.
  14. One of the reasons I bought season tickets this year was the fact that McD got 6 wins out of that roster last year. After the opener in Baltimore I was worried we would go 0-16 because the roster was such a dumpster fire.
  15. I think we need to win next week and give Fitz a shot at dropping a turd in the Patriots punch bowl. Even if the Patriots beat the Dolphins, we can damage their seeding and force them to play in the 1st round instead of getting a bye week. I doubt that offense can put together a run to beat playoff caliber offenses 4 games in a row to get win another Super Bowl.
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