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  1. The US Open in NYC without fans will end on Sept. 13 which is Week 1 against the Jets, so I doubt fans will be in attendance at the start of the season. Plus, Bills games draw expats from all over the country so even if N.Y. has it under control, you will have people coming in from a bunch of other states.
  2. Only appropriate that Scam Newton ends up with the Cheatriots.
  3. I was going to call my ticket rep with the Bills this week and ask they delay the last 25% payment for 2020 since I doubt we will be anywhere close to full capacity even if they allow some fans in.
  4. The police officers involved in this incident did not push this man to the ground attempting to effect an arrest. He had both hands visible with no weapons in them and was not an imminent threat to the personal safety of those officers. Nowhere on the use of force continuum can you justify pushing this man to the ground in the manner that they did. The union apparently threatening the other officers with the withdrawal of potential legal support of the union if they did not resign from their unit illustrates the problems with the police unions - I stand with Josh on this one.
  5. Regardless of who is behind the mike, it will be the same team propaganda. Notice how the team website never mentioned Ed’s arrest?
  6. Since the current TV deals do not expire until 2022, the salary cap may not rise and could possibly be going down if they play a season without fans and all of the game day revenue dries up. Also, with the unemployment rate going through the roof I would expect apparel sales and other retail related revenue to crater as well.
  7. Fluker is a butcher.....Seattle’s O-Line has been one of the worst in the league and we will already have 39 O-lineman in camp.
  8. Should be able to get quality RB/WR at 54. McD can scheme up a great defense with average players but we have to score more to beat Mahomes and KC.
  9. Direct TV/AT&T is bleeding subscribers like crazy - this is a last ditch effort to get back/keep subscribers before they lose exclusive rights to Sunday Ticket.
  10. McMahon must really be thinking “He Hate Me”
  11. I am a Penn State season ticket holder and I credit O’Brien with saving the program in the wake of the Sandusky tragedy, but for the love of God, I have no idea what he is doing in the NFL.
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