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  1. Mc1320

    bills must be eyeing a DT

    The way you beat Brady is pressure up the middle, DT needs to be the priority - otherwise he will just outgunsling us regardless how good our offense is.
  2. Mc1320

    Landon Collins to Redskins

    The only reason to go to DC is the money. Owner and front office are completely dysfunctional and QB situation with Smith’s injury and guaranteed money he is owed is a total mess
  3. Bold move you can afford to take while Allen is on his first contract. To bad Kyle Williams will not be in that locker room to keep AB in check and possibly have another shot at the playoffs next year. This will also help to send message to free agents that the 1 year re-build is over and we are looking to win now.
  4. MCL is not as bad as the other knee ligaments. I finished last 45 minutes of a high school practice w/torn MCL. After signing their draft picks, Carolina will only have $18 mil under the cap so he is leaving for sure - if medical clears and you think you can get 3-4 years out of him, they should do it. This year Indy showed why you pay a premium to protect your quarterback. If Allen could ever get comfortable sitting in the pocket, look out.