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RD 6, Pick 29 (213): Rachad Wildgoose, CB (Wisconsin)

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20 minutes ago, MasterStrategist said:

Coached by our very own Jim Leonhard.  He's definitely been well coached, and good eye discipline


That's promising - Leonard was very physical and we need a bit more of that - much of our depth at DB are more suited for zone and playing off receivers rather than press and harassing receivers. NFL is becoming downright NHL-esk with the way the refs swallow their whistles in the postseason in regards to hands on receivers downfield. A bit more physicality in our back 7 could help if the kid pans out.



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Back in the 90s there was an ECHL team in Raleigh - the Raleigh IceCaps - who played in an old 5000 seat arena on the State Fairgrounds originally built to show livestock.  It was straight out of Slap Shot.  They had a fan favorite player by the name of Lyle Wildgoose.  Those were good times.







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14 hours ago, Victory Formation said:

Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t know who Hamlin or Wildgoose is, but DBs is McDermott’s forte, so I’m totally just going to trust the process. They have to be decent if McD felt strongly enough to take them there. I’m guessing goose can play STs as well?

You’re not alone, not ever having heard of these guys. That’s the reason I never waste my time doing mocks. I don’t college football anywhere near the level I do Pros, but all the folks who do, spend hours/days/weeks pondering how Buffalo and 31 other teams are going select. Guess what? None of them ever heard of these guys either!


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