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RD 2, Pick 29 (61): Boogie Basham, DE (Wake Forest)

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The law firm of Rousseau and Basham will cause your personal injury.

Beane when he sees an edge guy available and he's on the clock    

Cheap at an expensive position for the next several years...  it’s almost as if we have a QB to extend...

Jerry and Mario are 34. you need to be able to rush the passer if you want to beat the Chiefs. He was probably at the top of their board. I didn't expect it. But I like it. Easier to develop OL and CB IMO

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Just now, Devilmann said:

I agree it makes zero sense to me as well. I’m hoping when Beane has another presser he can go into some kind of reasoning when we could use another corner or center since Morse might be one concussion away from being a veggie. 

There are more rounds 

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7 minutes ago, Kaenon said:

This is who I wanted all draft.

Didn't think we'd be able to nab Rousseau, so I wanted to trade out of first ans get Basham at 4x pick and keep our 61.


What a draft with both Rousseau and Basham Jr.


I am so stoked!!

I didn’t look into him too much. What do you like about him?

I wanted Rousseau for months then everyone said he was gonna fall suddenly. 

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I mean at this point should we just say F it and go DT in the third? Cut Butler and Addison to create some cap space. 


Fills the needs at CB and TE with Sherman and Ertz? 


Don't hate it.

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5 minutes ago, Kmart128 said:

I like him as a player but how much does he improve this team... that just means we are gonna have to cut some pretty good ends later. Between  Epenesa, Addison, Hughes, Basham, Rousseau and Obada the room looks really crowded. And then add to it that the staff likes Johnson.

It might be crowded but it’s not getting it doneIt might be crowded but it’s not getting it done

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13 minutes ago, Rocket94 said:

A few draftniks had him at 30 early on!

Danny Kelly at the Ringer had him #30, ahead of a lot of good names:






AGE 23





2020 STATS

Based on seven games played



Tackles For Loss




BIG, BURLY EDGE DEFENDER who’s tenacious against the run and consistently creates disruption against the pass; could play multiple spots on the defensive line.

Pass-Rush Talent

Pro-Ready Frame

Elite Athleticism

Relentless Motor


Basham has a large frame, with a powerful lower half, a tapered torso, and long arms. He’s built for battling in the trenches and plays with a physical, tenacious style. “Boogie,” who landed at no. 2 on Bruce Feldman’s Freaks List―both for his rare explosiveness (he jumped 36 inches in the vertical) and power (he benches more than 400 pounds and squats more than 700)―has experience playing out of both two- and three-point stances and brings the versatility to be a factor in any scheme and from multiple spots on the line. Basham brings high-end first-step burst and very good closing speed; he’s not very bendy rushing from the edge, but he gets to the quarterback in the blink of an eye when he’s able to slice through the line on a spin or inside-counter move. He brings a powerful cross chop and an effective swim move. He’s all hustle, going full tilt from every snap, and has powerful hands, forcing four fumbles in the past two seasons. He shows awareness of screens and the quick-passing game, with eight pass deflections in his career. 

Basham tallied 5.0 sacks in just seven games in 2020, adding 4.5 tackles for a loss. He notched 18 TFL and 11 sacks in 2019, with 11 TFL and 4.5 sacks in 2018. His sack numbers are strong, but his ability to apply consistent pressure is even more impressive. (PFF charted him with 112 quarterback pressures in 25 games in 2018 and 2019, for example.) In the pros, Basham’s lack of bend off the edge may limit his ability to rack up big numbers in the sacks department, but his combination of size, athleticism, and power makes him a good bet to be a productive pocket-disruptor. He also has experience lining up inside, showing the quickness to knife through gaps. 

Basham loses track of the ballcarrier occasionally, and could improve his hand use against the run, too often defaulting to dropping his shoulder and trying to spin away from blocks. If he doesn’t get a good first step at the snap, his rush stalls out and he looks a bit stiff and sluggish going to his second move.


Basham brings a prototypical frame and high-end athleticism to the position; he plays with his hair on fire and is a factor against both the run and the pass.


He’s a bit stiff rushing off the edge.


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2 minutes ago, The Governor said:

But what if it isn’t KC?

But what if it isn’t KC?

This same group will be harassing Tua, Wilson and Jones in the division!  

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The Bills didn't want to go into next year STILL needing more edge rush help.

They wanted to be ready to roll on opening day 2022 with a quartet of young, ready pass rushers. They recognize that you have to harass Mahomes or you're never beating him. 

These youngsters get the tutelage under Hughes for a year and rotate in and learn on the job. 

And as others have said: You want to improve cornerback performance? HARASS THE QUARTERBACK!!!

Also, the draft isn't over, and there are some veteran corners still on the market. 

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23 minutes ago, Big Turk said:

What? Does Beane know we have other needs than Edge rushers?


maybe 1st round pick will be converted to TE.

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