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1/17/21 Division Round: Tampa Bay at New Orleans, 6:40 pm on FOX

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Progressive presents "At Home With Baker Mayfield"..... How true that is.

This game needs a title ... like    No Country For Old Men.     

Driving a stake through Brady’s heart in Super Bowl would complete the circle and do a lot to wipe out 20 years of nightmares. Hope Bills get he opportunity 

On the other hand, this does make Bill Belichick look dumb for cutting ties with Brady, thinking he could just plug anyone in and keep running the table.

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For all of the regular season accomplishments Brees has, his legacy has been a bunch of unexpected playoff exits, punctuated by three consecutive home playoff losses.

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4 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

Saints had a really great defense this year. Kamara and Thomas are studs.  I wonder what they do at QB next year. 


Aren't they projected to be way over the cap?...



Also, the only good thing about this game is that it gets rid of the last great defense from the playoff field. The Bucs can be good, but we might now have the best... 

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Just now, Adamb412 said:

Am I the only one getting PTSD if it's the bills vs brady bucs

1. It won't be. I can't see them going into Lambeau and winning.

2. If it is, it's the perfect scenario for us to exorcise all demons. Beat Belichick twice, Brady in the Super Bowl.

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