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  1. That’s great, it starts with an earthquake Birds and snakes and aero planes And Lenny Bruce is not afraid
  2. It is a minor connection, but Bob Leckie, one of the early main characters and the author of “Helmet For My Pillow” wrote for The Buffalo-Courier after the war. His book was source material for the first half of the series until Sledge’s book took over.
  3. That’s just how Rome speaks.
  4. I dunno. A drop ceiling without Christmas tree lights strung through it seems like a waste. And where in this den is the giant Lovesac bean bag chair? I’m guessing the TV trays with Doritos and Code Red will be brought in later.
  5. In this interview, he also acknowledged that the Bills need to score more points and that it was frustrating settling for field goals in the playoff game against the Texans. Does saying that they don’t need a “true #1 receiver” mean that they aren’t allowed to get a really good receiver who can help the team? Are all good receivers automatically banned from discussion? Even when they say that the team needs to score more points? Because that would be dumb.
  6. Who has 44 minutes to spare? now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go put the finishing touches on the HO scale model of Hogwarts I’m scratch building out of toothpicks. Today I’m focusing on the Astronomy Tower.
  7. I’m just waiting for IceBowl to come and ask us which Green Bay defensive lineman we would like to have. Boy oh boy do I have some hot takes on that topic!
  8. I am frequently accused of being overly optimistic. It can be a fault.
  9. I agree that they need more offense; I’m just optimistic in that the offense will come from players already on the team. I think Josh will take a step and become an “average” quarterback ranking wise. I think Knox and Sweeney will become very productive at tight end. I think that Motor will excel as the featured back. And most importantly, I think Ford will become a good offensive lineman (RT specifically). I think we did NEED a wideout and that Diggs fills that need. While there might be upgrades at other positions, I don’t feel like they are needs. but that’s just me.
  10. Beane is a big proponent of competition for all roster spots. Signing “cannon fodder” and “camp bodies” doesn’t up the competition across the board. Competition brings out the best in all. I consider this a “competition signing” rather than a “depth signing”. In my mind, the difference in those words matter.
  11. Our defense and scheme are strong. If we have a top half (16 or better) offense, we can make a deep push in the playoffs. While Diggs is a super great addition to the offense, the improvement needs to come from Josh. If he becomes just an average quarterback this year (14-18 rank), we are going to be dang good as a team. I am soooo freaking excited.
  12. I am still trying to get used to being happy with the Bills’ off-season moves. Football is fun when it is done well.
  13. Is this true? Not the first part of the post. That part sucks. But the second part of the post - the part that says the assets given up for Diggs equal moving up to the 18th pick. If that is true, then this pick was fabulous. Why? Because most mock drafts would require a move up to 15 to get Ruggs, the third best receiver in this year’s draft. After Ruggs, the talent level - while still high - drops off to a “Less Than Diggs” level. so it comes down to this: With Ruggs costing us more to get than us getting Diggs, is Ruggs better than Diggs? Maybe. Probably not. One thing for sure is that Ruggs won’t be better than Diggs right out of the box because the NFL is hard. Is Diggs as good as Diggs? Yes. Because Stefon Diggs is Diggs.
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