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  1. I remember watching him Fall 2001 and thinking that he was going to be on the Bills in 2002 because Bledsoe was New England, and Brady was a late round backup who was doing okay enough. I was a little backwards on that take.
  2. Next week, Ravens bring back the wishbone offense.
  3. The Giants literally executed the only game plan that could have beat the Bills, and it needed to be executed perfectly. Lightning in a bottle for them.
  4. Something amazing Is happening with The Bills As Von said: Don’t Blink
  5. Henry averaging under 2 yards/carry is something I never thought would happen.
  6. Rohrbach - local brewery in Rachacha. It’s an ass kicker double IPA. Now my thumbs are fat and I can’t type.
  7. I feel vaguely weird about…you know…things and stuff.
  8. The infamous “Somebody HAS to win this” division. Even with that, “none of the above” should be a choice.
  9. Crazy wingspan. He could scratch his knees without bending over.
  10. I think this year the 2022 Bills have a better chance of doubling the win total of the 2022 Jets than the 2022 Jets have of doubling the win total of the 2021 Jets.
  11. Because teams were busy picking…interior o-line? such a strange draft.
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