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  1. Klein played well. Klein played well against The Jets.
  2. This really sucks. Henry is a true bruiser of a running back - big, strong, crazy fast. If this injury does take him out for the rest of the season, it becomes one more case study on why the NFL is devaluing the running game. One person (other than QB) going out should not derail an entire team.
  3. Is Tampa Bay that good or are the Bears that bad? Regardless, TB’s front four are soooo big and strong. Brute force.
  4. Eventually the score will be more reflective of the play. We are by far outplaying them.
  5. Tannehill, O Line leave much to be desired. We got this.
  6. The Titans may want to forfeit the rest of the season after the smack down the Bills are going to put on them.
  7. I find nether the Chargers nor the Ravens intimidating. Two very beatable teams (at least for the Bills).
  8. …I think we may have broken the Chiefs…
  9. *The New Jersey Jets have entered the chat*
  10. The Jax Grinders aren’t looking like the worst team in the NFL. I would give that moniker to the Jets.
  11. The emotional variance of a Dolphins fan ranges from apathy to anger.
  12. I was high on Shenault coming out of Colorado. Thought he would be good as a Bills’ second rounder. Instead we traded for Diggs (Shenault was gone before our second round pick). That worked out well for us.
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