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  1. My take; Easy. Cheap. Legal. You can only have two of the three.
  2. I would like this pick 4% more if his last name ended with an “x”.
  3. I would rather say that Sanders will look awesome in a 1 jersey than agree with Tom B****y’s rant.
  4. I think Miami will be much worse than last year. Paper tiger is right. Out of their ten wins, only one of the opposing teams finished the season with a winning record. and sure, everyone lauds the coach. I like him, too. But in all honesty, how does a coach whose team layed the crapfest game they did in Week 17 while fighting for their playoff life not be questioned? If the Bald Beefcake in Jersey lives up to expectations, Miami might find themselves as bottoms. (of the division)
  5. The job of the front office is to build a competitive team. The draft is a part of team building. To minimize a front office’s success because they didn’t draft perfectly is myopic. The simple truth is that this front office took a team that hadn’t been to the playoffs in 14 years and changed them into a team that played in the AFC Championship Game. This happened on a much quicker timeline than I think even the most homer of fans wouldn’t have dreamed of 4 years ago. That fact alone makes them one of the best, if not the best (which I believe they are), front offices in the league.
  6. Now if only they would do zubaz bottoms.
  7. That’s the truth. It is such a nice feeling knowing that we are a complete team and not a team needing a complete overhaul. It gives the off season a better vibe. To know that we can take BPA with our first round pick and that our first round pick is so far down the board that the “BPA” will actually be a group of five or so players is nice. I’ll be fine with whomever Beane picks.
  8. The Dolphins are reminding me of my fantasy league drafts once we are a few too many whatevers -and-everythings deep in it. I swear they will be announcing that they signed Keyshawn Johnson to a futures contract.
  9. ...why don’t we just sign 1991 Bruce Smith to a vet minimum incentive laden 1 year “prove it” deal?
  10. I think Sidney is a tricolor Australian Shepherd. The only dogs that can make border collies look like they came to dog training on the short bus.
  11. Thanks for the quote of the article. It does leave me with a troubling thought though. what is “nut cutting time”?
  12. I don’t know if it’s Jackson’s dead duck passes or the run first philosophy of the Ravens. Either way, f*** them.
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