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  1. For the O: Lee Evans. For the D : A Schobel. If, this off season, we add two players of about the same quality as the above mentioned, the improvement to the Bills would be greater than the sum of those two players.
  2. ...and why would the Bills want to land Olsen? Anybody on that list is preferable to Olsen at this stage of his game. Kroft and Sweeney have more upside than Olsen right now.
  3. “Hey Bob. What should we do about this raging inferno?” ”I dunno....throw a match on it?” as for why Dalton, maybe because he’s a ginger?
  4. Full disclosure: After the Pats won the Super Bowl over the Rams (Drew’s injury year, Brady was the backup) I thought that we would get Brady - the plucky backup - as our QB as the Pats wouldn’t keep both, and Drew was their “franchise”. I was mistaken.
  5. My vitriol isn’t toward Catholic Priests. It is towards the Priests who abused. My anger isn’t toward the Catholic Church. It is directed towards the Bishops and Cardinals who felt it was more important to protect the Church than it was to protect the children. Many professions (Dr, Teacher, Nurse, Social Work) are required to report suspected abuse. SUSPECTED. That there are people who claim to be men of god living to a lesser standard is abhorrent to me. Hiding the abuse and looking to avoid negative perception... I do not hate the Catholic Church. Just that small percentage within the Church who seek to keep abuse in the dark.
  6. The Priests who abuse children aren’t men of god. They are child abusers, pedophiles, rapists, criminals. Those who help cover it up are complicit in the crime. That is all.
  7. He is one of the most influential coaches in today’s game. He learned at Green Bay under one of the greats. The success of his coaching tree is second to none. He is the Jedi to Belichick’s Sith. He just needs a ring as a HC to make it a 100% lock (instead of just a 95% lock).
  8. The excellence of the Patriots under B.B. can be traced back to Parcells and his “Do Your Job” philosophy. Do the basics, do them well. Once the basics are mastered, the complex can be layered on top. Do you remember Brady and the Oats of the early 2000s? Nothing but hand offs and screens. Basics executed perfectly. Infuriating in their simplicity and the consistency with which the plays were executed. I yelled “How hard is it to stop a screen?” so frequently. That eventually became a complex juggernaut. Beautiful and frustrating. Some people here complain about our basic vanilla offense. The lack of creativity. Whatever. I believe that we are just working with a bunch of young guys, trying to get them to master the basics. We have been successful this year. But in the timeline that our exes and coaches have set forth, it was never about this year. This year is just another step in the building of a long term sustainable and successful Bills team. Viva los Bills.
  9. Edmunds doesn’t suck. Tom Brady is the most successful quarterback of all time. He won his first Super Bowl before Edmunds was in kindergarten. Do you really think that Tom Brady - who has faced multiple Hall Of Fame middle linebackers - couldn’t manipulate the situation via play calls, motion, blocking schemes, and just plain black magic to cause Edmunds to be less than dominant? Tom has seen and sees everything. Edmunds is still emerging from his chrysalis.
  10. So in this thread we have: 1) Made fun of a guy’s huge ears 2) Learned some grammar 3) Talked about a bad movie where the word “penetration” is used to describe it and the movie poster seems to promise lots of skin 4) Told Tommy we were gonna go to his house on Saturday afternoon and beat him up. This really is 5th grade. In all the best ways.
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