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  1. I sometimes see posts saying that they could see McD pushing for drafting D with the first pick in the upcoming draft. I just don’t see it playing out that way. the first reason is that last year, defense was very strong in the draft while wide receivers were...not incredible. So they drafted where the draft was strong and filled in via free agency (Brown and Cole). This year is crazy strong at WR. So they will draft where the draft is strong and fill in via free agency as is their M.O. the second reason is that I see McD as a head coach and not a coordinator with an additional title. Some coaches that are large and wear red load up on what they know and neglect the other side. I think google 👀 is that kind of head coach. McD, I think, is more of an overseer who has much input but trusts in his coordinators and coaches. The BB model, if you will. so I think we can stay calm. Needs will be addressed with the strengths of the draft and filled in via free agency.
  2. Next offseason the Jets will be lucky to get a courtesy visit from any free agents. Actually signing one would be either a miracle or a massive overpay for someone who is about done with their career. Two of the three biggest dumpster fires in the NFL are in our division. The third being the Redskins. I laugh at their misery.
  3. I was looking forward to the Eagles game next week. One game at a time my @$$.
  4. oh god. I hate boomers. “But how can you say that about the generation that raised you?” The people who gave birth to me are boomers. I was raised by a television and a microwave.
  5. The kicking game is so bad this year across the board. The Browns are worse than I expected. The Chargers are worse than I expected. The Colts are doing better in a Luck free existence than I expected.
  6. The Jets had a HUGE and SPLASHY off season. Why aren’t they an option? oh yah. it’s because they suck.
  7. Baker at Wyoming? If that had been the case, he would have been drafted after Mason Rudolph.
  8. Solution: If you want a super successful game manager, root for the Pats. If you want an accurate passer, root for the Saints. If you want to root for the next Wonderkind, root for the Chiefs. I root oof for the Bills and the whirlwind named Josh. Ride the whirlwind. It’s fun.
  9. I though he was going to sit out the entire first season because he was so raw. I thought his second season he would play, but play poorly. So I am pleasantly surprised with how much he has improved. Is he improving? Yes. Is is he a finished product? No. Will he ever be one to throw it away as frequently as Brady? No. Am I ok with that? Yes.
  10. The difference: brady is a skilled veteran with 248 seasons and 73 titles. Allen is a still improving tremendous upside learning the ropes QB. Im ok with that.
  11. Right? We lost, but we weren’t losers. If that makes sense.
  12. “Josh looked so bad!” Yup. The Pats QB - wassisname?- looked like garbage, too. One game does not a season (or career) make. Josh will get it done in the future. He’s got “it”.
  13. I’m afraid I was looking past this game and focusing in on the Pats.
  14. I like the white Ram horns so much more than the yellow ones. Old school.
  15. I feel like I am riding on the theoretical train that only travels halfway to the destination every day. The distance is infinitesimally small and yet we aren’t there.
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