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  1. Came looking for insights into the Giant and the WFT. Anyone? Anyone?
  2. And Baker’s limp noodle arm is in full display
  3. Wow. The Browns and the Steelers both suck.
  4. I think the Steelers will get Darnold, Ben will retire after 2021 leading them to suck really bad for several years, then draft Arch Manning.
  5. That’s the key: the front four. They need to shed and charge into gaps rather than just engage blockers and let the LBs (we play 2 of them...not 3 or 4) hit the gap. Defending the run from the nickel is more about the front four than the line backing corps.
  6. I don’t understand the Edmunds disapproval. The Bills play primarily a nickel defense. This means that they are susceptible to the run. A good coach with a hard hitting running back can, with motion, manipulate a gap which will by necessity be filled by either the nickel back or a safety playing in the box. It isn’t that Edmunds isn’t shedding blocks or hitting his gap; it’s that the backs are running to the gap being filled by someone from the secondary. It’s the old “attack where they are weak”. Why would anyone want to run at Edmunds? How do we fix this? I dunno...Play less nickel? Do we want to do that? Because I would rather give up 130 yards rushing than 330 yards passing.
  7. I remember a bunch of years ago, Chris Carter said that pretty much every player in the NFL is a product of their system. He said he was just “ok” until the Vikings went more West Coast style and he moved to more of a slot receiver which led to success. He also said that the only player he had ever seen who could have been a success in any system was Dan Marino. Based on that premise, which I absolutely agree with, Allen would be better on the Jets than Darnold, but not as good as he is now. Likewise, Darnold would be better on the Bills than he is on the Jets, but not as good as Allen. And I don’t think Brady becomes Brady if he wasn’t picked by the Pats.
  8. The question for the Jets has been “What do we have in Darnold?” They know what they have in “Average Joe” Flacco. A good way to compare and contrast leading to a decent analysis of Sam and his abilities. If Flacco looks better than Sam on that dumpster fire of a team, Sam is gone.
  9. How hard is this to understand? Every coach needs to be fired after every game because at some point the other team played well.
  10. I opened this thread even though the title told me what it was about... ☹️
  11. Home slice scores his first NFL TD with a brilliant catch, stands up, and drops the ball on the ground and walks away. Dude balls.
  12. So is the Tampa Bay hockey team perpetually in a delay for home games?
  13. I just hope one of the parents brought juice boxes and orange slices. I don’t want the players getting cranky.
  14. Once u saw a pic Of Zerovoltz’s wifey Boob cleavage galore
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