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  1. It’s bad when the Saints are playing such crap football that fans in the Big Easy are reminiscing about the days of Hurricane Katrina.
  2. It is soooo freaking weird to be watching playoff football and figuring out potential Bills matchups. It’s like I’m 14 again and don’t know what to do with my arms while walking. Just plain old weird.
  3. The good thing about playing the late game is that Brees and Brady can hit the Early Bird Special and process it prior to kickoff.
  4. How does a replay become a “Next Gen Stat”? It was crappy coverage on a truck play. A statistical anomaly. Next Gen crap trademark bull... gotta get another beer. Get Off Of My LAWN!!!
  5. Even though Brady is on Tampa Bay, I am finding myself having a visceral reaction to the Saints. Is it because of Peyton? Or the Gregggg history? Or Drew’s birthmark that I can’t help but stare at? Whatever it is, I am really hating on the Saints right now.
  6. Jackson is very good at avoiding the big hit. So for me, I would rather see Jackson and the offense become frustrated rather than “hit”.
  7. Brian Fellows’ brother from another mother.
  8. This thread is the biggest argument against the notion of tanking for a high draft pick in football. While it might work in basketball or hockey where one great player can dictate a game on a regular basis, it just isn’t possible in football. Football is too much of a team sport with so many players affecting each play. A great QB can only do so much...the whole of the team is much more important than its parts.
  9. Order in the AFC East is about to be restored. The Bills and the Dolphins are going to be battling it out for the banner for years to come while the Jets and the Patriots will be on the other side of the chain link fence asking “Can we play, too?” we won’t let them. Because they suck.
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