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  1. Something amazing Is happening with The Bills As Von said: Don’t Blink
  2. Henry averaging under 2 yards/carry is something I never thought would happen.
  3. Rohrbach - local brewery in Rachacha. It’s an ass kicker double IPA. Now my thumbs are fat and I can’t type.
  4. Edible washed down with aSpace Kitty: ☑️ Ready to go!
  5. I feel vaguely weird about…you know…things and stuff.
  6. The infamous “Somebody HAS to win this” division. Even with that, “none of the above” should be a choice.
  7. Crazy wingspan. He could scratch his knees without bending over.
  8. I think this year the 2022 Bills have a better chance of doubling the win total of the 2022 Jets than the 2022 Jets have of doubling the win total of the 2021 Jets.
  9. Because teams were busy picking…interior o-line? such a strange draft.
  10. My adjusted draft philosophy: BPA and Trading Back are for rebuilds. For loaded contenders (like the Bills), spend as many later round draft picks required to move up and get three guys to fill out our team. Camp fodder, competition, whatever…they can all be found on the waver wire just as easily as in the later rounds (probably better players, too).
  11. And what 4th round rockstar would have made our team - let alone make an impact? We lost nothing and got our guy for sure.
  12. It’s not off-season until we discuss schedule release
  13. In the NBA, one “Superstar” is more able to make a huge impact on the game, so tanking would be worth it. However, in the NFL, a Superstar will only play in one direction while sitting the other way, and other than the QB, may not even touch the ball on a drive. Less of an impact. As for the QB, the learning curve is so steep and there are no guarantees (Mayfield, Darnold we’re taken before Josh, and many thought Rosen was going to be better). Just look at Lawrence. He was graded so freaking high and has won everywhere, but he will continue to look below average to hot garbage for another year.
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