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  1. After Kraft, cut out all Johnson and Johnson products. Only then will you be a true fan.
  2. The main reason I would love to see Murphy improve this year and our D Line become dominant is because Tom Brady has won 11% of all Super Bowls played. Long term, I want the Bills to win. Short term, I would love to see Mr Brady put in the dirt.
  3. I had a list similar to this, but it was league wide and Josh Allen was near the very top! ok. The list was in alphabetical order. But still...
  4. Color Me Mine pottery has no idea what’s coming their way.
  5. I agree with this 90% of the time. However, every now and then a “true” true #1 comes along. A guy who is a team player AND a great receiver. The Texans’ #10 and the Falcons’ #11 are two true #1 receivers that I would love to have. The AB types? Suck it.
  6. Moe’s food is okay for a quick lunch, but their queso is so freaking good. I could drink it with a straw.
  7. Best. Thread. Ever. But it now I have this weird notion that I have to go to a gay bar with a half-Asian barber. On his crotch rocket.
  8. I don’t know if anybody has mentioned this yet (and I’m too lazy to read the whole thread) but Reuben Brown made more ProBowls than Thurman, Reed, Kelly, and Simpson. Only Smith has made more ProBowls. But guards aren't sexy.
  9. People are talking about Chris crushing on Josh. I think I am developing a crush on Chris after watching that clip. I feel like maybe I’m that duckling that accidentally imprinted on the chihuahua.
  10. Oliver from the moment he started walking down the hallway all pumped, clapping his hands, and chanting “Let’s Go!” at the draft. However, if Cole’s Twitter was still banging, he would be giving Ed a run for his money.
  11. We fans might have Foster ahead of Zay Jones on our depth charts, but I doubt that is the case with McD and company. I have a feeling Zay is a more “lock” and that he will see much more playing time than Foster throughout the season.
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