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Tonight exposed again we need a no1 back

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1 hour ago, FireChans said:

Not a single team in the NFL makes that decision in a vacuum disregarding their opponent. The Bills rush defense has been pretty piss poor and the Titans haven't been great rushing the ball (25th in YPA) and they still came out with a heavy dose of the ground attack.


You are wrong about that........teams don't just lead with their own weakness just because an opponent has shown a weakness in that area.      


This isn't like the Roman Bills who averaged 5.8 net yards per pass attempt versus 5.3 yards per rush.


This Bills team entered the game with an 8.4 net yards per pass attempt against just 3.8 yards per rush.


That is an enormous disparity.


Lead with your strength.


In many regards the 1990's Bills weren't among the better coached teams in the NFL.........but one thing they were good at was imposing their will with what they were good at.   Running counter against teams even when they were selling out to stop it.  Or running screen passes non-stop all day against the Dolphins in the 1992 AFC Championship game.


Daboll outsmarted himself.   


Hopefully this nipped in the bud any notion he might have that he is so smart that he can significantly change the offensive focus from week to week.


The Bills personnel isn't assembled like the Patriots have been.........they can't bounce from scatbacks to power backs or run 2 TE effectively.


 They are an 11 personnel team with some 5 wide versatility and they should just focus on getting better at what they can already do effectively and let Josh Allen take care of the rest.   


If you are willing to sacrifice drives trying to force the run just to get better at it then do it against teams the Jets and Broncos not teams you know will be tightly contested games.



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