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Should the Bills bring in Marcel Dareus?

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Why do you do this?

You know if I thought he was healthy, in shape and wanted to play football I would, for sure on a cheap 1 year deal. Just not sure how many of those descriptions actually fit Marcel at this stage.

I can’t imagine anyone in the world who is likely having more fun with unemployment, quarantine, and door dash....   my guess is he’s a solid 450 right now In a bathtub full of cannabis. 

3 minutes ago, hemma said:

I wonder how he'd perform with a surprise, wake-you-up-on-the-couch-Monday-morning drug test.

Keep a chemist busy for a week.

Chemist to Boss: “Hey Boss, I cant be sure, but does this look like the chemical makeup of kitty litter?... how does someone even get that in their blood stream?”

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