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  1. Looks like Jerry celebrated a holiday one day early. Today is 'International Sloth day'
  2. Start at the top. Mcd a defensive coach by trade. Has to have his stamp all over the defensive scheming and game plan. Also a lot of player acquisition input. No one needs to get fired. Some coaching ataff has to start earning there pay checks though.
  3. true, but it was the first prime time game, they didn't crap there pants. on a national stage in a long time.
  4. Come on. Like a player he moved up for. Jay Jones... Peterman?
  5. feasting on a scrub team. Won't help much when the schedule gets tough.
  6. Addison showed up for work today.... Unlike others on cheap rookie deals.
  7. Wade had season tickets in Rex's first year. Still had a house in town back then too.
  8. You mean before the Bills start playing tough contending teams again?
  9. LOL.whaley himself isn't on a team anymore..
  10. Doesn't make losing playoff games any easier. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. McD is a solid coach. Just not on gamedays. His adjustments aren't even noticed in big games.
  11. How many did Mcd win? IMO he lost the Houston game himself..
  12. yep, the first 10 year rebuild ever. How exciting.
  13. McD has sucked as a gameday coach from the day he took the gig.
  14. Aikman remembers when he owned the Bills. And he's not about to let us know he forgot. He's a douche.
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