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  1. Understood. There are also players that look good in pre season. then melt down when the bullets fly. a single example is Nathan Peterman. Personally, there has to be something not clicking with Williams. Or they would at least dress him. he cannot be worse than the #4 and 5 scrubs ahead of him.
  2. Just wondering Whats your nfl coaching resume look like?
  3. It seems the Bills have not had a dominant TE in over 20 years. That should be an early round priority. If a prospect falls to them.
  4. disagree. It is debatable McCoy is done too. Both are out of gas. What difference did either of them do today? Or last week? Or the week before? Nothing.
  5. too much of a risk of them going into a low orbit.
  6. the refs just could not pull this out for the pats***
  7. The Duke Williams experiment will be over at the end of this season.
  8. Oh the refs are helping the pats*** cause
  9. If Brady*** was hit like Mahomes just was. That player would have been ejected.
  10. How many minutes is shady playing per game? wasn't he a healthy scratch for a game? i just don't think he is a big difference maker anymore.
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