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  1. Root for the Patriots*****? WTF?
  2. Mariotta will cost way too much to ride the bench. Beane doesn't play that game with QB's. Ngakoue. For the win. 18m a year 5 years.
  3. One of the big offseason issues should be to give White his option. Or extend him for a long time. Nice problem to have imo.
  4. Well, Benjamin was an all pro at the OBD breakfast buffet. That has too count for something.
  5. Makes you wonder what that turd Patrica is up to in Detroit. Whatever it is, it isn't working. Another Belichick*** coaching tree flunky.
  6. Don't know this early. Except this. the pats*** absolutely must not reach that game.
  7. Wish he could have milked another year. It was fun watching the media darlings crap the bed.
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