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  1. What a huge loss in the booth for football fans. If he gets the gig.
  2. Eli sitting on G-Mens bench with no trade clause. Why would he waive that to sit on Bills bench for the season...
  3. Get lost. are you banned from The cheats boards.? Y'all spend way to much time here in Bills country.
  4. Brady a certifed human douchebag. May have been pissed with 150 yards passing. And playing like crap. He even said in his presser that the offense needs to play better. That said eff him.
  5. Yep. Early on he looked way to nervous. Or it seemed that way. Not a dig on Allen it was the biggest game in his career with the 3-0'matchups and the pats.
  6. today for Allen it seemed the moment was too big for him. He can redeem himself in Marcia's house later in the season.
  7. the Bills aren't exactly solid at LT either.
  8. Jones and his cowgirls are another POS team. With special rules that only apply too them and the pats***
  9. Umm yea, screw off with the pandering..
  10. Cut Jones Bring a one week backup in. Easy.
  11. Missed a sack on Brady by a millisecond. But managed too throw his timing off.
  12. He's been overthrowing his deep ball to open receivers. Way too often.
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