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  1. I don't have a link? The Rory/Jimi stuff runs deep. That said Kath was no slouch either. Dont remember Kath being mentioned. Hendrix was infatuated with Gallagher upon arriving in the UK. In particular Gallaghers sound he got from a strat. He drove to Cork too see him the day after his Marquee debut. Went to the Rory Gallagher festival in Ireland a few years back. Was there on business. Slash played, lots of outrageous players. Recommend it for any fan of Rory, unless there's a pandemic going on.
  2. May's recent popularity surge is somewhat due to the Queen movie. When May was 15-16. he hung out in London clubs. At the time, Rory Gallagher was still with Taste. May would wait until the Taste gig was over and Rory would let him pick his brain, and show him riffs. It is by no accident May prefers Vox AC30TB amps his whole carear. Dick Cavett to Jimi Hendrix: Man , what's it like to be the greatest guitar player in the world? Jimi: I don't know you would have to ask Rory Galagher.
  3. Boy did I eff that up. Huh? Sincerely, Buddy Nix
  4. The Bills are playing the Chiefs in the regular season. Which is great, since they should be meeting them again in the playoffs. Winning the division,hasn't felt this close this century.
  5. Not bad, looks like she has access to someones tanning bed.
  6. Since Dawkins has been in the league.. He rarely dominates his assignment. With LT being a intergal part of the offense, with protecting the QB's blindside. He is no more than a JAG. Doubtful some magic light is going to turn on and he makes the transition to a dominant player. Let him walk if his demands are outrageous.
  7. Josh is thinking. If this guy orders ranch with his wings. He's banned from the QB room.
  8. Odd that some are surprised by this pick. The only downside is we won't see him plant Cheatin Tom Brady*** In the dirt this season..
  9. This is the correct response imo. Reich f****d up the hold. And in grass was a hard attempt to correct.
  10. Ticketmaster is and has been refunding money for Stones concert. In Buffalo and elsewhere.
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