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  1. Castellar

    Caption This: Clay and Daboll

    This wouldn’t have been funny a few hours ago. But a few scotch’s later it made me smile. As for the caption: ”SNIPER!”
  2. Castellar

    The Vikings think Allen > Darnold

    I would kill for 35 year old Larry Fitzgerald and 26 year old David Johnson
  3. We could go around and around here. 1. We were not in the lead during that play. 2. The defense had us in a good position until the game was on the line and then the Texas marched and put points in the board. In my opinion the outcome of the game just doesn’t rest on NP’s shoulders. We had that game won if they don’t score to tie it up. Then we just have to hand it off to shady and ivory and call it a day. We put the game in his hands and expected him to march downfield and win it?! We know that’s not possible.
  4. By that logic, he is also responsible for us even being in that game. This is a lose/lose topic. Based on how we were playing, we never would have had the chance to “blow” this game. That’s where we are on offense, we were dependent on a guy that shouldn’t even be in the nfl and he nearly won us the game.
  5. I am in no way defending Nate Peterman. He had a chance to win this game and instead, he did what we know he does. With that said, he in no way is responsible for the loss. He made some nice throws to get us in position to win. Because of him, we almost won that game. We were down when he was called in and he brought us back. The reality is.... that game should have been won long before the last 3 minutes of the game. I’ve never seen a team play so well on defense and win the turnover battle only to be backed up by an offense that can’t put drives together. And this isn’t just today; this is becoming a theme for our Bills. The whole “win ugly” idea is a bunch of bs. Winning ugly is just an excuse for lacking ability on offense. The FO may not be willing to salvage this year by adding offensive firepower and at this point I don’t blame them. It’s too late. But this season could have been different and I put the blame on management/coaching staff. I’m not even sure I blame the coaches entirely, they have been dealt a terrible hand by our gm and are probably doing the best the can with what they have. I don’t know what my point is aside from... this offense is garbage. Allen isn’t there yet, peterman shouldn’t have made it beyond week 1 and at this point even wins like last week are tough to watch let alone losses like today where it felt like we should’ve been up 10 an not down 10. Someone save us....
  6. Castellar

    Week 4: Packers Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    Didn’t want to start a new thread for this but I am in complete shock with how much respect/credit we are getting in the Packers forum right now.... https://www.packerforum.com/threads/week-4-buffalo-at-green-bay-time-to-bounce-back.80549/ We definitely opened some eyes with our week 3 win. It’s not all positive but the packers fan base is definitely taking our team seriously. What a difference one week makes.
  7. Castellar

    Peterman/Brees comparison?

    This. I played d2 college football and ran a 4.37 40. I was without question the fastest guy on the field almost every single game I played. I struggled applying that to the backfield. My field vision and the way I processed what I needed to do to get downfield really slowed me down. I rarely had an instance where I watched film and thought that I actually used my speed. Some guys just have a hard time applying their abilities to in game situations. I don’t doubt that peterman can be clocked faster than some of these qb’s but sometimes the mind gets in the way and we slow ourselves down. Just my .02