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  1. JoPar_v2

    Bils fans the Dee Ford appreciation thread

    Pats don’t really get the oppo to beat themselves because they get ridiculous calls going their way always in the playoffs, going back to the tuck “rule.” Granted the Ford offside was legit but the game was tainted by that point. IDK man I just don’t know anymore. After the officiating today I am kinda over it.
  2. Well pick your adjective then if you want to overblow it. I said it was dumb, as in, not smart. You’re probably a pretty smart guy have you ever done anything really dumb and, dare I say, illegal? I have. Not proud of it but not afraid to admit it either. the holier than thou act is played out though.
  3. Probably not the best forum for him, but I’ve always liked Marshawn. Not discounting the dumb stuff he did early on as a Bill, but he never played the game the media wanted him to play.
  4. JoPar_v2

    Marc's 1st Mock Draft with projected traded

    Does RP stand for “role-playing”? Because the OP is assuming a hell of a lot here. Then doesn’t make a pick for the Bills? I am having trouble making sense of this. And it’s QUINNEN Williams. Isn’t there a rule that OPs have to actually engage in threads they start after posting?
  5. Ah so you’re saying you deal in half-truths and ignore facts that don’t support your narrow-minded ravings? Cheers you’ll do quite well here new guy. it’s always the ones from Dunkirk 🤔
  6. JoPar_v2

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashan Gary

    Does Beane also suck? Because he’s said repeatedly that he does not draft based on need. Maybe Kiper has been paying attention and you haven’t.
  7. Read a little bit more than the first 2 sentences. BK’s parent company is now based in Canada (RBI also owns Tim Hortons.)
  8. JoPar_v2

    [Misleading Title] Ronald Curry WR Coach

    So you have time to post a snotty reply but no time to make a simple edit to your title? Heaven forbid indeed.
  9. JoPar_v2

    Vance Jospeh named DC in Arizona...how???

  10. JoPar_v2

    Josh Allen at #9????

    I like it but he looks top 5 at this point. Combine can change things though.
  11. Can anyone here pin down this kid’s actual height? Just reading through the thread I see everything from 5’6” to 5’11”. Seems like he’s listed at 5’11” officially, but I’ve been around college athletics enough to know those numbers are fudged regularly (Baker isn’t 6’1”, either.) not trying to put anyone on the spot, I am just curious if anyone has the inside info on his actual measurables. 5’8” vs. 5’11” is a big difference in the NFL.
  12. JoPar_v2

    Bills 2018 Season Highlights in 3 minutes

    Technically off-season is already here for the Bills.
  13. JoPar_v2

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Eh. I’d rather the Bills face MM two times a year but not scared of Gase either.
  14. JoPar_v2

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Better hire than McCarthy
  15. JoPar_v2

    Pegulas mentioned by name in Eric Reid story

    Thank you 26. This is old news. Pegula’s same statements were also reported in a book about the league released in September.