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  1. It is and I remember that throw as well. They were just on different pages on the option route. It happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some doom and gloom in those quotes from the article, but I’m optimistic. Personally I don’t care if Allen’s a career 58% passer or 65%. If he does what he’s built to do, i.e., a dagger-throwing downfield passer, he’ll generate points from the passing game and that’s all I want.
  2. You care about winning and losing in preseason games? You’re serious? I can’t begin to fathom that but if you are serious then yes I think this year will be better based on the number of quality signings the team has made. But really what you should care about, the only thing, is getting the starters and significant role players through these farces healthy and whole for the regular season.
  3. This is right. The standard the league “claims” to apply has nothing to do with state prosecutorial standards, or even (laughably based on the guy you replied to) constitutional standards. The standard that the Rog has promoted and claimed to use in every disciplinary case is “conduct detrimental to the league.” What is that? Who knows. It’s conveniently vague for a league and a commissioner who has failed to fairly adjudicate discipline matters for YEARS. But one would think a player who was dinged for kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach and then accused of seriously injuring his child and threatening his fiancée would qualify. But yet he faces no discipline. This outcome would be surprising if it was someone other than Rog in charge. He’s a stooge, plain and simple. And his one redeeming quality is his willingness to take the fall for the owners on each and every one of these disciplinary disasters.
  4. Cian’s just a hot-take-for-clicks machine. He’s an idiot and yet locally at least he’s built a following. He’s toilet water dude
  5. Uh this is a thread about RI and his suspension. I am just staying on topic. I’m not “bothered” by any of it just because I commented on it. You do know how these things work, yes?
  6. I thought of this too I was listening that day last month. Murph laughed in his face.
  7. Well at least I had some to begin with. I do fail to see where I said anything untrue. Grief is no excuse - countless people deal with death everyday, and do so in a dignified manner. On top of that, Richie is a recidivist who has gotten away with a lot of things with little or no punishment, this episode being just the latest example. And finally, Roger Goodell and his underlings have proven to be completely incompetent when dealing with player discipline, with arbitrary standards that are abandoned as soon as they’re established (remember the “6 game minimum” rule after the Ray Rice fiasco? Because Roger sure don’t.) anyways thanks for your input.
  8. Lol yet another joker with his head in the sand defending this guy. Why? Because he played for the Bills? Is that why you completely ignore all of this guy’s other transgressions and explain away the funeral home as just a natural reaction to guilt? What about the gym incident where poor richie was threatening people with weights and claiming the NSA was beaming secrets into his brain?My god. Either you’re a disingenuous homer or you’re deeply uninformed. Sad either way.
  9. You’re giving him too much credit.
  10. To put it in yet another way...an excellent left guard gets only 2 games after a year away from football doing absolutely insane things and is offered and accepted a contract by one of the most idiotic franchises in the NFL-and only then is his conduct evaluated by the commissioner of the NFL and is deemed, OKAY? Well Richie was grieving so it’s okay if he wanted his dad’s head for experiments. Yes, i think it should be more. I think the league should pay for this man to get help. And he should not be allowed on a football field ever again. And? What does this even mean? Good comment. I agree with you but don't conflate the two. Not the same thing.
  11. Yeah super fun. I’m sure Bills fans that actually go to the games also find it fun. Especially the ones that can only afford to go to one or two games a year. I am sure most of those guys and gals will find it “fun” to ponder this extra layer of strategy while they sit in their full price seats watching tyree jackson play QB whilst josh allen sits on the sideline, perfectly healthy, holding a clipboard. There’s nothing “strategic” about purposefully hamstringing teams in order to make an empty gesture in the name of player safety. The owners want 18 games? Then bite the bullet and give players a bigger slice of the revenue split and better healthcare. This convoluted half-measure **** is dumb as hell.
  12. Objectively wrong? Because you’re privy to Roger’s list of mitigating factors? And Richie’s grief is obviously the only reason he terrorized a room full of people; not like he has a long history of threatening, bullying and abusive behavior. Nope not at all. You really thought through your response. Put a lot of effort into it too. Thanks. I learned a lot from you.
  13. So the guy that got the DUI in January gets knocked for 4, and Richie, who menaced a funeral home full of people and threatened to desecrate a corpse, gets 2. More stellar work by Goodell. His dumb*** is still out here throwing darts. Before I get called out - I am not minimizing DUI - it’s incredibly stupid and dangerous and four games is entirely warranted.
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