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  1. JoPar_v2

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    Apparently. Wild times around here
  2. I get what you’re saying. I think people came at you because you imply ST is ignored or glossed over. Not here it isn’t. Most people who visit here regularly are pretty plugged in on signings, coaching changes, team stregths, weaknesses, etc. The dismal ST last year did not go unnoticed (there were constant threads about ST every week during the season), nor did the moves the team’s made since then to address it. Suggesting these things were missed may be why you got some of the responses you did.
  3. JoPar_v2

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    I must’ve missed that detail, can anyone refresh my memory?
  4. JoPar_v2

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    I think I’ll wait till after the draft.
  5. JoPar_v2

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    We spurned him?
  6. JoPar_v2

    Would the Bills select Josh Allen?

    He has a heart condition they discovered at the combine, apparently. That may cause him to slip.
  7. Pfff. Pathetic, obvious whataboutism. Do better.
  8. Agreed. Not sure how much overlap there is between the two, but weirder things have happened.
  9. And that is a great description and if you followed that it your analysis cheers. As i said before great work i imagine it took quite a while. I just want those “outcome” type stats I spoke of earlier to rise a bit and match up with these types of analyses before I anoint this kid a (to use the words of another poster here) “budding superstar.” Maybe I’m jaded and hard to please ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But Allen is light years ahead of where I’d thought he be already so I hope I’m sitting here looking like the last one to see it.
  10. JoPar_v2

    Dez Bryant: I'll be a steal wherever I go in free agency

    Three Dez threads in one day? Alright i am convinced this is happening now, even if the guy is shot.
  11. Who responds with emojis to their own tweet? Also this looks like pot stirring. He probably spoke to 1 assistant GM from like the Eagles or somewhere not even involved who said to him, “yeah i mean chargers make sense I guess Rivers is getting old” and he ran with it.
  12. Read the whole thing yes and while I said before all the work is impressive and appreciated. But you yourself stated that what is “catchable” vs “uncatchable” was based on your interpretation of the play alone. That’s (up to a point) subjective. And you pretty clearly are out to boost Allen in people’s eyes and downplay “outcome” oriented QB statistics, like comp% or QBR. That’s fine, too - PFF does basically the same thing in their metrics. But coming from a Bills fan, and an Allen fan to boot, you can’t fault people for questioning your analysis. Maybe you really don’t have an agenda, only you can answer if you do or don’t. I just see so much from so many here trying to explain away any little shortcoming that Allen may still possess it’s just a bit much. Hey I love him, you love him we all love him. I hope he turns out every bit as good as Mahomes. I don’t see him approaching anywhere near that...yet.
  13. AZ GM is a functioning drunk and probably an idiot to boot. My guess is he’s asking too much at this point for Rosen but the price will go down as we get closer to the draft.
  14. I only care about getting quality players. I don’t really give a flip about how many picks overall they have to do it in. Keeping all 10 picks will make it very hard for all ten to make the roster. So my guess is they package some to move up in the mid-rounds. Only a guess.
  15. JoPar_v2

    The Bills only have four roster openings left...

    Not in his mind they don’t.