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  1. Some do. Not me. I think that type of meta ending was awesome; I can get why people hated it. Better than a stupid montage ending though.
  2. I mean, I agree, but there are better ways to describe something bad. This isn’t reddit you don’t need to call things AIDS
  3. That was certainly an “ehh” ending to a great show. Can’t all be breaking bad or sopranos so it’s all good to me
  4. Why do these threads about Kraft’s tug job get everyone’s blood up?
  5. Hey i love american football making strides across the pond as much as anyone but Cian is not on one here. That’s just stupid.
  6. Look I have no idea if you’re telling the truth or not but I am inclined to believe you about Mayfield because I respect you as a poster and I dont think you’d lie about that. If true, yes, he’s a scumbag. have you served or waited on josh allen? Cuz i would like a tip amount from golden boy to compare.
  7. That’s the only point i’m trying to make. This is an awesome thing that Allen and Barkley did. To assume (a friggin BIG assumption btw) that Rosen and/or Mayfield wouldn’t do the same is just mad stupid.
  8. Let me take a guess and handicap this post: you’ve done exactly 1.0 seconds of research on the charity and outreach work that josh rosen and baker mayfield have done. I’ma take the under. Again, not to pile on, but this a f****** ignorant statement.
  9. Already have and yes good idea. He or she doesn’t seem to be revisiting the thread anyways so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Yeah not ready for the HaHa Club yet. If Josh Allen had said “ima make those 6 teams pay” this board would’ve ate that BS up. All that was from Rosen was confidence; a bit of “swag” if you will.
  11. I would too if I were them, honestly. The Bills are the Patriots’ ***** (record-wise.)
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