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  1. he definitely should keep his mouth shut. Doesn’t excuse any of the BS that’s been spewed in this thread.
  2. i mean, do you expect anything else from burfict? I can plainly see this criminal ass rolling in for a meeting with that idiot commissioner and it going badly.
  3. Not a problem. At least you own it. Be “proud”
  4. Again, more gaslighting. More defending a racist post. All good bro i just know where your head’s at
  5. Very good question. Tomlin is a unique bird he really gives no Fs. Not sure if its a good or bad thing at this point. He does have a ring so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i feel ya they shoulda just knelt and called it a day
  6. Lol yes. Because the myriad of occupations this guy could do outside of playing QB for an NFL team and “urban music DJ” is the first thing that pops into some people’s heads and I am the one playing the race card. Get bent you gaslighting troll. no one needs or wants you here.
  7. way to juuuuust barely hide your racism but not really.
  8. According to reports, Cleveland police were seen exiting the locker room after the game, for what it’s worth.
  9. Thing is, whenever Garrett comes back (and it shouldn’t be for a long, long time) somebody on the steelers O line is going to try **** him up real bad. Browns should probably just get rid of him. Also, top notch work once again by NFL officiating that once again let a game get out of hand. There were ample earlier instances last night that contributed to this insane blowup at the end. As always, Al Riveron should be fired.
  10. That’s actually the perfect way to put it Guns. Absolutely pathetic. Surely you’re not serious
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