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  1. Wtf is with Daboll, calls a beautiful drive then goes back to calling dog ***** plays
  2. Why are the WR being left wide open off the line? That's a disaster waiting to happen
  3. Wtf is going on with this offense, oline cant block, qb cant throw, wr aren't open, play calls are horrible etc etc
  4. WTF was all that, 1:30 to go and McD goes straight conservative mode, that bad coaching
  5. Oh no the Bills might get a FG attempt so the refs gotta squash that
  6. Would be really nice if Daboll could design plays where WR and TE are wide open like the Bill's opponents are weekly.
  7. You know you lost when you resort to becoming the vocabulary police. Again you're not nearly as smart as you think you are, you're a legend in your own mind, hahaha.....loser!
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