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  1. Pay attention, I put Tua in the maybe category. I'm not a Tua fan myself but I could definantly see GMs picking him over Lamar.
  2. No your a joke for thinking he is a top 10 QB.
  3. Allen Herbert Burrow Rogers Watson Wilson Brady Mayfield Mahomes Prescott Soon to be Trevor Lawrence Those are the guys all GMs would take over Lamar. Then there are the maybe guys like Tua Darnold Goff Tannehill Cousins Stafford Ryan Carr He is not a top 10 QB. If he was all GMs would want him and I dont think that is the case.
  4. Really, letting a rookie backup who hasn't seen game time own you, really
  5. Did being named all pro go to 27 head where he doesnt feel as he has to play. Wtf
  6. You tell me , how does it feel to openly support racist Democrats by voting for them, hypocrite!
  7. Lake effect squalls would be ideal as he no doubtably would be looking at the forcast before the game. During the game he would be perplexed saying, but the forcast wasn't calling for snow as he doesn't understand lake effect. It would be in his head bigly!
  8. Hahaha, so you looked in the mirror. What a ***** moron you are! You truly are as stupid as whale *****! Lol! I laugh at your stupidity, idiot!
  9. Hahaha...... whatever zit boy, keep drinking that kool aid. You hateful POS!
  10. Hahaha, you are so pathetic its comical. The more you crap you spew the more you sound like a zit faced 17 year old know nothing nerd. Hahaha.........
  11. That was like the Colts yesterday delay of game that was never called.
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