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Gase preferred Mayfield and Allen over Darnold in 2018 Draft

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14 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:



Hopefully Woody believes in continuity.   Gotta' give em' 3 years!  

Then they can hire some Wunderkind from New England to come in and administer the coup de grace to whatever is left of the Gase era guaranteeing 5 more years of darkness.  I think Woody and Ross have more in common than ***** taste in head coaches.  I bet Woody is DMing all of Stephen Ross's old girlfriends.

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7 hours ago, Mellow1 said:


Billy Boy was never trash. Even with Cleveland he wasnt trash. 




I lived in Cleveland during that time.  BB was a good coach there, but he was cold and not sentimental.  He benched and released beloved local boy QB Bernie Kosar saying he had "Declining Skills" in the beginning of his 3rd year there.  


Honestly most Cleveland fans never could forgive him for that and they didn't had a strong enough attachment to BB as he was still a young head coach and hadn't yet proven himself (6/10 & 7/9 & 7/9).  Loyalty plays very strong in Cleveland and BB is ruthless.

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