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  1. Shrug. I like it. Removes two crappy preseason games and replaces it with two meaningful games. Pro football is incredibly taxing on players. This gives a chance to for injured players to heal up mid season. That's safer for the players AND the team to protect the player long term. Helps make the team/player make smarter decisions on whether to play a guy or not any given week. I agree on the QB exemption though.
  2. I agree. I also can't wait to run him over. He's definitely seems like more of a contact guy than a finesse one. I just really liked how he skipped over the big cues and highlighted the little ones which gave him the final piece to the play call. When asked about the details he'd then tie it back to the bigger picture concepts. It was refreshing point of view compared to the analysts reporting (which I still very much enjoy)
  3. This is from last month, but I found it to be really interesting having a player do the film analysis vs couch analyst's work. Yes he's a NYJet, but it was good enough for me to overlook. A LOT of time is spent describing the visual cues (tells) that he sees various players do and matches them with prior film study on that team. I would say that it's more than just film study of individual players, but offensive system analysis to understand where the attack is likely to come from. REALLY shows how much you have to have an offensive system that is flexible enough to regularly change/add wrinkles so as to not be predictable. Predictability looks to be fatal.
  4. Ironically, I think that there's a nice kernel of a solid defensible viewpoint in what Ronin's been saying here in this thread. It's a shame he has consistently wanted to stroke the flames of trolldom rather than reasonably defend viewpoints contrary to the prevailing wisdom / wishful thinking of optimistic fans. It's legitimate to have different takes on what data means and everyone's eye test is a little different. But it's not a discussion and not really worth reading when it really becomes more about pouring gasoline on a bonfire to agitate others. I like to learn more and even hear about views that differ from mine. But any point of Ronin/STG gets lost by him trying to piss people off and not engage in an honest conversation. A pity.
  5. Good for him. It shows he's been working hard. May it show up on the field!
  6. Eh. It's summer for a second year QB. Who has about 9 new starters compared to last year. While missing 3 of his top 4 WR. Against a near complete returning defense which was highly rated last year. Of course he'll struggle. If he's sucking during preseason game 3, then worry will mean something.
  7. I give. Only stuttering effect character I can think of is Max Headroom.
  8. I lived in Cleveland when he came there. He consistently made moves that made you say WTF? He just came across as a real screw-up. All the talent, but none of the brains or self-discipline to use it in life.
  9. Not just comedy gold for Nelson as the best pick. In the poll about how our fans liked the draft picks, Nelson was the ALL TIME high and Jarius Byrd was the (IIRC) LOWEST all time. We're a passionate bunch, but not always correct... I really think people overvalue the _position_ that was drafted rather than the player. Byrd as a db = bad draft pick. Nelson as a TE (a perpetual need) = good. Man, we did a solid hit with picks 2, 3, 4. Wood, Byrd & Levitre. What a haul it could have been with a better 1st round choice instead of Maybin (*cough*)
  10. Great article and some sweet blocking clips. Showing some tough assignments and some solid work done by Lee. As for Lee telegraphing what we're doing, well It's a combination of both playcalling and being a good team. A good team wins by running/passing the ball even if the defense knows it's coming. We weren't a good team before. Here's to us becoming one. As somebody else said, we got the best case of what Fisher hoped to become by someone who has already done it.
  11. I hope not, but his contract says he is. We have him for one year and only for peanuts.
  12. Our Rookie QB is nailing the off the field stuff. His coaches, teammates and fans all rave about how he handles everything. Coupled with his top end physical traits and significant improvement during the second half of his rookie season has many people more optimistic than usual. We've signed an entire new team of offensive lineman on team friendly deals. Only one star in our new center Morse, but many reasonably well regarded part time starters/high end backups or players bouncing back from injury. With lots of competition, it seems like we should be able to field a pretty decent OL. This is a massive improvement from last year where we lacked talent AND cohesion. Excited about OT Ty Nsekhe who has some fantastic tape, but is on the older side. We got two new CB's to compete with last year's surprise Levi Wallace. Former First round pick Kevin Johnson, who's career hasn't got off the injury train. Talented, but so far hasn't been able to stay on the field. Also, our old friend EJ Gains is now back with us. He did a fantastic job for us when he was on the field. Sadly he also has had a rough time with injuries. But I'm really happy to have him back. It means we sit on 5 excellent CBs. To me this is the best set of CBs we've ever had. Oh Yeah. We somehow managed to get OLDER in RB by replacing Chris Ivory with ageless Frank Gore, who had a surprisingly good season with Miami last year. But he's likely a solid all-around RB and friends with McCoy. Hopefully he'll push his ***. We're perceived to be a little light in OT, TE, DT and any position other than QB we can draft. As many people have mentioned. Stay on your meds. Really. No joke. Just don't it on your own. If you think you need to quit, do it with your doctor.
  13. Thanks for the good laugh this morning! Yes this is an inside joke for the board members who've been around. Long time poster BillfromNYC LOATHES high defensive back draft picks. He went apoplectic when we drafted Whitner over Ngata. Which, to be fair, he was right on. But we've also drafted some very good secondary players such as Tre, Byrd, and Gilmore.
  14. Seriously impressive! Although clearly someone's deranged for being a dolphin fan.
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