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  1. Eh. It's a Bill's message board. I found it interesting. "Don't-look-at-that-accident" level gruesome, but interesting. I surely have no desire to head to any other board except to a defeated opponent's and revel in the lamentations of their women and children.
  2. I knew he's pretty much had our number, but I didn't realize just how bad it was. Apparently memory loss is helpful for being an optimistic Buffalo Bills fan. His career record against us is 30 and 3... Blink... He has only lost to us 3 times, which at 6 -3 is as many Superbowl losses that he has. Since 2001, Tom Brady has more wins at New Era Field than any Buffalo starting QB (per @ESPNStatsInfo) Brady - 15 Drew Bledsoe - 14 Ryan Fitzpatrick - 13 Tyrod Taylor - 13 Josh Allen - 5 Dear God, when is this guy going to retire? At least we have made him look human recently so hopefully we can rough him up a little before he goes. (Forgive me if this is well known to everyone or a repost)
  3. Eh. None of the recent ones for me. I could maybe be talked into Woods as slower but solid #2 who blocks well. But I'm definitely not pining for him. Incognito is one that I miss, but as mentioned before, he went all crazy.
  4. Cody Ford was also given an honorable mention. Giving us 4 draft picks including one as best in position. Pretty good considering there's 32 teams. They listed about 67 players (including special teams) so that's very close to an expected 2 draft picks per team and we're double that.
  5. Yeah, In a small sample size, the elite defenses tend to show up big. Buffalo: 24-Dalton 27 Eli (no Darnald) NE: 25 J Allen 33 Ruthlessburger 35 L Falk 36 Fitzpatrick I omitted Tom Brady at number 4 although it's clear how strong his stats are as we made him have a miserable game against us.
  6. We took advantage of those penalties. The Jets were gifted 4 turnovers and if not for one being a pick-6 they did NOTHING with those turnovers. Turnovers are far worse than a penalty to boot. We're a newly put together offensive team. I'm pretty impressed with what we've accomplished so far with so many long drives.
  7. I can totally relate to it. Oh boy. But unlike you, I absolutely am enjoying overconfident fans melting down. Especially because it's now my team that can rip the heart out of other fans. It's good to be the king.
  8. Ah the misery of other team's fans suffering... it warms my heart. Jets fans from the "wow-gase-does-suck" thread: Bonus points for being able to trade out of the #1 pick to screw Miami out of their top QB choice. Tell me this doesn't sound believable. And in such stark contrast to what the Bills did to fix the OL.
  9. Yup. Don't be the Jets. A good rule in life.
  10. Although the defense is performing reasonably well. The Interior DL is quite good. If they can get any semblance of an O going, they should avoid 0-7.
  11. some of my favorites: On Perkens being waved: On Josh Allen juke: Fun when it's not my team! But then again, not nearly as enjoyable for me as watching Jets fans melt down.
  12. From my eyes and some of what I've read. The loss of Moseley wasn't just his direct play impact but included the entire loss of communication as the QB of the defense. It's his job to make adjustments and to communicate them to the rest of the D. The Bills were shifting all of the time. His job was to make sure the D counters it and stays on the same page. Losing his experience and communication did really hurt the Jets. But us no longer shooting ourselves in the foot helped the most.
  13. I lived in Cleveland during that time. BB was a good coach there, but he was cold and not sentimental. He benched and released beloved local boy QB Bernie Kosar saying he had "Declining Skills" in the beginning of his 3rd year there. Honestly most Cleveland fans never could forgive him for that and they didn't had a strong enough attachment to BB as he was still a young head coach and hadn't yet proven himself (6/10 & 7/9 & 7/9). Loyalty plays very strong in Cleveland and BB is ruthless.
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