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PanchoBilla enters Hospice (Has now passed away)

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On ‎5‎/‎23‎/‎2019 at 8:14 PM, ChevyVanMiller said:

There’s been a lot of talk about the best way for the Bills to honor Pancho. From signing him to a one-day contract (before he passed) to putting him on the wall to naming the tailgating village after him. The issue that I have with those ideas is that it puts him in a special class above other fans of the Bills.


This board is filled with Super Fans in their own right, many of whom have or one day will battle for their lives against a terrible illness. I think if Pancho were to receive one of those distinctions then many other fans in similar situations should receive the same treatment from the team, which simply isn’t feasible.


I’ve had Pancho in my thoughts, like so many of you, and the idea occurred to me that what Ezra accomplished was to create a character, Pancho Billa, almost universally loved by Bills fans around the globe. To honor him and his courageous fight what if the Bills made Pancho Billa their official mascot?


Billy Buffalo has never been embraced by the fan base. Imagine someone donning the Pancho costume and serving as our official mascot on the sidelines on game days. Bins could be set up outside the stadium so that fans could donate backpack supplies every game day to keep Ezra’s final wish paying forward.


Just a thought, but I’d love everyone’s thoughts on the subject.


I think it's a bad road to go down because, as you stated, there are plenty of other super fans out there.  This would set a precedent that would/could end up getting out of hand - not to mention, hurting feelings.


What's next?  Someday, instead of golf carts, they use little red pintos?  I say that not to be a jerk, or insensitive - just as an example of what going down this road now could lead to in the future.


And not everyone's families will be as gracious as Ezra's.  This could lead to some self-proclaimed "super fan's" family making please to somehow recognize their loved one.  "Hey ... you did this for Pancho ... what are you gonna do for "Fake Bills Super Fan," ????!!!!


What I would love to see happen would be for the Bills to somehow get behind Ezra's charity of choice on a yearly basis; whether it's officially endorsed by the team, or if it's players continuing to volunteer their time for years to come. 

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