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  1. Milano is a huge loss for this defense. Alexander (Maurice) was targeted all day yesterday and couldnt do the job. LB would be my priority.
  2. No question Brian Daboll was the weakest link in the first half.
  3. Mahomes is on the cover of Madden this year. The curse is alive.
  4. I agree. I remember saying this to a friend week 1. And he replied Josh had 10 pounds extra this year... He seems a bit slower.
  5. Good game guys! The penalty at the end was deserved. So I'm happy we got 1 point on the road.
  6. Saw this too on the French broadcast here in Montreal and the anouncer knew them. I was impressed! 😀 I'm a huge Bills fan but... Go Habs Go! Thats quite a poweplay you got there.
  7. If anyone saw how the Colts beat the Chiefs yesterday, you will understand what I would like to see the Bills do with the run game.
  8. I just saw they signed a rb to the practice squad. Byron Marshall who was just released from the Redskins. The injuries don't concern me that much. Nothing is looking serious at that point. Good timing for the bye week.
  9. The Duke signing to the active roster is a pre bye week move that I really like. Now that we are off for week 6, I would really like this offense to fix the rushing attack. I think Allen could benefit from a better running game and Gore alone can't handle the load. When SIngletary is healthy it's all good but since then we get a little too much uni dimensional. When I see Gore gaining 5 yards on 1st down and go to the sideline for 2nd down, it drives me nuts. Do you tweak or do nothing?
  10. The point is Singletary is OUT. Doesn't that tell you something? We didn't run more because Gore was tired and they don't trust Yeldon running...
  11. I really think that our interior OL is dominant. Gore was having a great day and could have had a better day if he had help at RB. I don't get why we go Gore and Yeldon only for the last 2 games. And don't tell me Singletary is injured bs. I know.
  12. I had multiple meltdown during this game. It was Allen's worst game this year I think. Still, if he stays in the game, we a have a shot at winning. Such an emotional game. One last thing... Damn I hate the Patriots!!!
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