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  1. I get the Watkins trade but I don't get getting rid of Woods.
  2. MtlBillsFan

    Bills vs. Vikings 2nd Half Game Day Thread

    Was Zay Jones playing today?
  3. MtlBillsFan

    Bills vs. Vikings 2nd Half Game Day Thread

    Don't care about shutout. No injuries is all I care about.
  4. MtlBillsFan

    Bills vs. Vikings 2nd Half Game Day Thread

    Now this is the team I want to love!
  5. MtlBillsFan

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    I don't know but one thing is sure. Allen ate his Flutie Flakes!
  6. MtlBillsFan

    Predict the Score: Week 2 - Chargers at Bills

    27-24 Chargers
  7. Trading Tyrod Taylor was a mistake. Trading McCarron was a mistake. Peterman is DONE. This guy can't play in the NFL. Too fast for him. Cut him. Now Beane needs to sign a veteran QB and fast. Last year was a fluke. The team was supposed to be mediocre and they made the playoffs. It won't happen this year. Josh Allen era begins and he will surprise most people. Next year we rise!
  8. MtlBillsFan

    Post your reaction if McDermott names Peterman week 2 starter

    You might need to go on Youtube to watch it.
  9. MtlBillsFan

    What is Cris Carter Talking about

    Mangini looking at him like
  10. Anyone knows what type of injury Phillips has? He has a brace on his left arm and I saw him holding it after the sack...
  11. MtlBillsFan

    Montreal to Buffalo August 9...Show Some Love Mafia!

    Hey Threedollabills, Nice to see another fellow Bills fan in town. Where do you watch the games usually when you are not at the good old Ralph?
  12. MtlBillsFan

    COMEBACKSZN Manziel is back!

    Yes and if he becomes Flutie 2.0 he won't stay very long. True. I'm not a fan of the CFL but it's my hometown team and it's still football. It will have to do until the Bills pre season games starts.
  13. MtlBillsFan

    COMEBACKSZN Manziel is back!

    The Alouettes needed a spark. Let's hope Johnny doesnt return to his old self. Montreal can be a very tempting nightlife...