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  1. So true! Even on the Bills website it's difficult to hear the questions.
  2. Man I love our GM! This guy does not take SH&* from nobody and he will call them on it.
  3. I'm not sure why you are bringing the Sabres into he discussion. No comparison to make here at all. If the Pegs are running the Bills like they run an NHL team, we are in deeper trouble than when Ralph was the owner. You are missing the point. They are making everything with a plan. They made the playoff on their first year. Then turned the cap situation around and found a franchise qb on their 2nd draft. They are structured and are building the team the right way. When did you see Rex Ryan and co. doing 1/10th of this? Ok they presently have the same record. But this will change this year you know why? Because Ryan, the defensive guru, got fired after destroying a top defense two years in the job. I could go on and on but if you can't see it, there is not much else I can write to change your mind. Now, do the Pegs see it? I don't know but I sure wish they are.
  4. The supreme leaders are the Pegulas. This won't change for quite a while. And the Pegulas probably see the huge difference between the Rex years and the current staff. They also hear the great things being said around the league about Beane and McD. These guys will be in Buffalo for a while too.
  5. There is the DE. Who has some info on him? Maybe a video.
  6. 7th round DE just picked. Darryl Johnson Jr.
  7. I love Beane but the guy is human. I'm with the posters who thinks two 4th to move up to get Knox is a bit expensive. Is it a big deal? Probably not. But that is two less chance to hit for a starting player which is very likely in the 4th. Go Bills!
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