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  2. Gase’s peepers can rest safely in their orbital bones for one more week at least.
  3. sf best team in league right now. not even close
  4. Garrett's seat just turned up a few degrees
  5. So that was one heck of a first half by Darnold. Where did he go in the second?
  6. Like that Jets have some life now going into game against Cheaters
  7. Terrible ball that he wasn't really getting to anyways.
  8. Garrett ... 3 straight losses including this one to the Jests. Quinn ... They have too much talent to be 1-5
  9. So after all those flags, the Jets player grabs Witten's arm, and that's NOT pass interference??????
  10. The Cowboys not kicking that FG in the 1st half did it. Also, the Refs calling a BS O interface on Witten TD.
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